English Training Program for Yokohama Minami High School was Held

English Training Program for Yokohama Municipal Minami High School designated as Super Global High School (SGH) was held on November 4th and 5th on campus. This training program was conducted in all English with an emphasis on “output” in English.

On the first day, Professor Mohammed K. Ahmed, specially appointed professor of Graduate School of International Management gave a lecture of Cross Cultural Communication. Our International students from 15 countries/regions also participated in the session as a facilitator. During the lecture, they discussed and gave a presentation about “What are the reasons that make the viewpoint and thinking different depending on culture?” compared Japanese cultures, customs, and ways of thinking with other countries. After the lecture, high school students took campus tour to learn about IUJ’s facilities and student life.

On the second day, Professor Michael Mondejar, Center for Language Education and Research gave a lecture of Socializing. It is to learn the communication skill to talk with a person for the first time or carry on the conversation incorporating game, demonstration and role-play. IUJ’s international students from 10 countries/regions also participated in this lesson.

After the 2 days training program, we held farewell party to deepen exchange enjoying cuisine from around the world. High school students gave thank you letters and Japanese song to IUJ’s professors and all facilitators.

IUJ has been selected for the Top Global University Project by MEXT. It aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan. IUJ continues to lead the internationalization of Japanese society based on our tracking records and continuous improvement of current efforts. Collaboration with SGH is one of the efforts.


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