IUJ Culti-fiesta 2015

IUJ Culti-fiesta was held on Saturday, November 28 at the IUJ Gymnasium Hall.

Culti-fiesta is a cultural program hosted by GSO-EC (The Graduate Student Organization Executive Committee) to promote camaraderie among IUJ students. There were performances from different group of countries where students can join in and learn more about other peoples’ cultures.

Below is the list of performances.
1. Music Club, 2. Laos, 3. Kazakhstan, 4. Central Asia, 5. Sri Lanka, 6. Mongolia, 7. Indonesia,8. Philippines, 9. Afghanistan, 10. India, 11. Africa12. Hakkaisan, 13. Vietnam, 14. Myanmar, 15. Cambodia, 16. Japan

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to GSO and all the students who participated in this event.



Drink booth




Performance by Indonesian students




Group photo after the event