“New Students Welcome Day 2015“

On Friday, October 2, 2015, IUJ’s “New Student Welcome Day” was held, and the arrival of 220 incoming students from 47 countries and regions was celebrated by special guests and IUJ’s faculty and staff. This is the biggest incoming class since 1982 when IUJ was founded. Now the IUJ campus has 375 students. The breakdown of the 220 students is 114 for the Graduate School of International Relations and 106 for the Graduate School of International Management.

In his opening remarks, President Kimio Kase celebrated the fact that new students have now become members of the IUJ community. He stated that the students need to cultivate a global mindset to meet the requirements of today’s world. He also expressed his gratitude for all the sponsors, and asked that the families and others in attendance today meet our efforts with their continued support and assistance for the university.

Chairman Shoei Utsuda then praised the students for making the choice to join IUJ. He assured new students that they will have wonderful opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, and gain wisdom to see the world’s diversity with understanding and empathy. “In your IUJ life, you will have a variety of friends from 47 countries. You will have real international and cross-cultural friendships. You will treasure these for your entire life. Respect each other, act with honesty and integrity, and have fun along the way”.

Then the new students were introduced. When their names were called by nationality, they stood up to be recognized. They gave each other a very warm welcome.

The New Student Welcome Day concluded after a reception joined by the 2nd year students, faculty, staff, and guests.

To everyone in the new incoming class, all of us at IUJ wish you an enjoyable and fruitful IUJ life.


President  Kimio Kase


Chairman Shoei Utsuda


Introduction of New Students