Center for Language Education and Research releases Japanese education video clips

We are pleased to announce that Japanese education video clips 【Lesson for Useful Expression in Japanese #1-10】have been made by Japanese Language Program of the Center for Language Education and Research.

The video clips are for those who just started learning Japanese in foreign countries.

We have released the video clips at TubeIUJ in YouTube, and you can also watch the video clips on IUJ web site.

【English site】
【Japanese site】

<Story of the video clips>
The heroine, named Nguyen, lives in a foreign country. When she is checking out the information about Japan, she is interested in Minamiuonuma city, Niigata prefecture.
After that, she come to Japan and visits some places in Minamiuonuma city and around that area. She meets some local people, and studies Japanese language and culture, which she need to live in Japan.

We made the video clips as a part of Top Global University Project. So, we would like to spread the video clips throughout the world.

We would appreciate it if you could share the video clips with your friends who are interested in Japanese language on Facebook, twitter, and so on.

We hope the video clips will be a good tool for you to study basic Japanese language and culture.


Office of Top Global University Project