IUJ awarded the special cheering prize of the Minami Uonuma Gourmet marathon

The Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon was held in Minami Uonuma City on June 14th.
IUJ was the 7th water station of the marathon, and many members of the IUJ community came out to cheer the runners,
who included IUJ’s own Vice President Shinoda Tomohito , Assistant Professor Jinnai Yuusuke, and several university staff.
One of the IUJ staff was interviewed by FM Yukiguni, and the interview was broadcasted.

IUJ won a special prize for cheering, which Secretary General Ohno Tomokazu and many IUJ students received at Yairo no Mori Park

the details of the Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon can be found on the following website:


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