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Nagaoka City x IUJ Career Meetup was held for International Students

On Friday, March 8, the “Nagaoka City x IUJ Career Meetup” was held in collaboration with the Industrial Location and Human Resources Division of the Nagaoka City Commerce and Industry Department, the NPO Nagaoka Activation Zone of Energy (NAZE), and the International University of Japan.

The purpose of the IUJ Career Meetup is to foster two-way exchanges between IUJ international students and local governments, companies, and businesses interested in utilizing highly skilled foreign professionals, as well as developing and expanding overseas sales channels, to create new discoveries and connections. This event was conducted in collaboration with Nagaoka City.

During the event, presentations were given by Nissei Service Co., Ltd. and IB-Staff Co., Ltd., and six companies affiliated with the Nagaoka Worker Council were introduced, sparking keen interest among the international students. Subsequently, participants were divided into booths for individual consultations and exchange of opinions between company representatives and international students.

The companies in Nagaoka City and the IUJ students, despite being in the same prefecture, have not had many opportunities to get to know each other. Therefore, this event provided an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding.

In the future, we will continue to promote exchanges between companies in Niigata Prefecture and international students, contributing to the creation of new ideas and opportunities, not limited to employment or internships.

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