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International Festival (Open Day) 2022 Coming soon! Saturday, May 28th

IUJ invites you to its annual school festival International Festival (Open Day).

Learn about each country, Feast your eyes on a 3-hour stage show displaying some of the 60 cultures on our campus, including Japan.

This year, with COVID protocols in place, we are asking our visitors to pre-register to enter campus to help with a smooth check in.


International Festival 2022 (Open Day)

Date: Saturday, May 28th, 2022
Time: 1 PM – 7 PM

Part 1: Around the World @IUJ

1 PM – 3 PM

Lecture Series
1:30 PM – Laos
2:00 PM – Uganda & Botswana
2:30 PM – Vietnam

The lecture series will be live streamed on our official Youtube channel @tubeiuj

Part 2: Culti Fiesta

3 PM – 7 PM

The Culti Fiesta will be live streamed on our official Youtube channel @tubeiuj

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Office of Student Service

Apply Now – 2022 Admissions

The IUJ online application for 2022 admissions is now available through IUJ website.

2022 Admissions Schedule(September Intake)

Master’s Degree Programs (GSIR and GSIM)

Application Deadlines Online Interviews Announcement of Admission Results Deadline for Admission Procedures

Domestic Applicants(Residents of Japan regardless of nationality)

February 16, 2022 (Wed)Closed February 26, 2022 (Sat) March 15, 2022 (Tue) April 7, 2022 (Thu)
March 23, 2022 (Wed)Closed April 1 2022 (Fri) April 21, 2022 (Thu) May 13, 2022 (Fri)
May 5, 2022 (Thu) May 13, 2022 (Fri) May 26, 2022 (Thu) June 17, 2022 (Fri)
June 8, 2022 (Wed) June 15, 2022 (Wed) June 27, 2022 (Mon) July 22, 2022 (Fri)
International Applicants (Residents of countries other than Japan regardless of nationality) January 26, 2022 (Wed)Closed GSIM IUJ Math test takers only. Schedule will be individually arranged after the application deadlines. March 16, 2022 (Wed) April 12, 2022 (Tue)
February 14, 2022 (Mon)Closed March 16, 2022 (Wed) April 12, 2022 (Tue)
March 24, 2022 (Thu)Closed April 22, 2022 (Fri) May 15, 2022 (Sun)
International Applicants
Graduate School of International Management
Additional Round
May 8, 2022 (Sun) May 26, 2022 (Thu) June 16, 2022 (Thu)


PhD Program (GSIR)

Application Deadlines Interview Announcement of Admission Results Deadline for Admission Procedures

Domestic and International Applicants

November 19, 2021 (Fri)Closed November 25, 2021 (Thu)-December 3, 2021 (Fri) December 20, 2021 (Mon) January 21, 2022 (Fri)
February 18, 2022 (Fri) closed February 25, 2022 (Fri)-March 3, 2022 (Thu) March 22, 2022 (Tue) April 22, 2022 (Fri)
April 20, 2022 (Wed)Closed April 26, 2022 (Tue)-May 10, 2022 (Tue) May 23, 2022 (Mon) January 24, 2022 (Fri)

We would like to advise you to read above Admissions Guidelines carefully to understand the application process and the required application items before you start the online application.

You can learn more about what IUJ has to offer, campus life and our alumni stories through our brochure.
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Contact us:
Admissions Office
For Admissions of International Relations Program, International Development Program, Public Management and Policy Analysis Program, Japan-Global Development Program, International Public Policy Program and PhD programs.
For Admission of 2-year MBA Program, 1-year MBA Program, Japan-Global Development Program and Digital Transformation Program.

2022 Admissions – Additional Application Round for Graduate School of International Management Programs

The Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) has decided to provide one more opportunity for applicants living outside of Japan to join the programs in Fall 2022 as the following schedules.


Graduate School of International Management

-MBA Program
-Intensive MBA Program
-Japan-Global Development Program
-Digital Transformation Program

2022 Admissions – Additional 4th round

    • Application Deadline: Sunday May 8, 2022 

      Application opens till 23:59 Japan Time (Check your local time zone here)

    • Announcement of Results: Thursday May 26, 2022


Please note that this 4th round applicants are not considered for ADB scholarship.

If you do not have TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC* score and/or GMAT/GRE score, please take the test(s) as soon as possible to meet the deadline.
*Please see the Guidelines for the English Test Exemption Policies.

The online  GMAT/GRE and TOEFL tests are available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact to the Admissions Office (

Winter Holidays Period

IUJ Administration Offices will be closed during the following…

Tuition Changes Starting in April in 2022

This is to notify you that the International University of Japan…