IUJ International Festival / Open Day 2022 was held on May 28th

The IUJ International Festival ( Open Day) was held on May 28th, 2022. Students from around 60 countries took part in this festival as performers and participants. This year’s international festival was open to visitors from all over the world, considering COVID-19 precautions. 

The program included a “special lecture series” by students. Three teams of students prepared a presentation regarding their home countries’ historical, cultural, and exciting points/spots. Teams from Laos, Vietnam,  Botswana and Uganda presented their exciting information about famous places and situations in their countries to the audience at the IUJ campus. The YouTube video is available here. 

In addition, each group of students decorated one of IUJ’s classrooms with traditional handcrafts, products, and some designs from their countries. Anyone could visit these classrooms, which represented a country, and get useful information or ask the representative team a question regarding that country. 

The most entertaining part of the Open Day is yet to come. Students from various countries had special stage performances. Each country had a cultural dance performance, sang famous songs, and some teams played their classical musical instruments. 

The IUJ gym was filled with entertainment and excitement.

Thank you everyone for your efforts that made IUJ really the place where the world gathers and our visitors who took part and cheered us on. 

Public Relations