Messages from Students & Alumni

Graduates of IRP are skilled in international affairs, concepts, and languages. As a result, they are highly competitive in multiple job markets, especially in Japan.

Many graduates have successfully found jobs in international organizations, research institutes, consulting firms, banks, and multinational enterprises. Prestigious Ph.D. programs in economics and related fields are another avenue open to IDP graduates.


Ariful Haque Bangladesh IR class of 2013 The Department of Patent, Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Industries

I UJ is not only a perfect place to foster our minds and bodies, it is really a place where the world gathers. Besides the academic treasures, I have learned so much about so many things, from the quick steps of the Caucasus’s lezginka dance to the slow hula of the Pacific, from French and Italian culinary art to various Asian cuisines, from the Persian Sufi essence to the spirit of Buddhist nirvana. With these diverse experiences, my bag is now pretty rich. The multicultural environment of IUJ helps broaden our understanding of different cultures and social norms, which ultimately teaches lessons on how to reconcile our differences and how to celebrate diversity. Here at IUJ, we met and made friends with people from diverse parts of the world. Now we have friends living on the Scandinavian Peninsula, along the Mediterranean coast, in the vast Sahara desert and in the tropical rainforest. Our friends are living under the shade of the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush, the Pamir and the Tian Shan. From the British isles to the Japanese isles, from the Rocky Mountains to the Andes, our friends are scattered all over the world spreading the message of friendship and are engaged in exploring their potentials. Besides their individual careers, they are utilizing their best efforts to build their respective nations. In both cases, the rich experiences of IUJ help a lot.

Maliha Shah Pakistan IPS class of 2013

I must admit I joined IUJ on a whim, now I am so glad I did. The course work, language skills and research will benefit you for sure since the people at IUJ are very committed to make it work for their students, but something I gained and will cherish forever is the experience of living on a campus with such a diverse environment, where diversity is truly celebrated. The International Peace Studies program is a fine balance between teaching theory, building a strong foundation and seeking practical solutions to problems we face as a world. The core courses of the program are very interesting and broadened my perspective on many things while relevant platform courses were a lot of fun and put the reins in the students’ hands. Peace Studies’ scope is much broader than it may seem at first glance, and has brought a lot of job opportunities that I am exploring now. As I gear up for further specialization, I feel prepared!

Hean Sam Ath Cambodia class of 2010

IUJ is truly a global and multi-cultural learning community. IRP students not only can learn from highly distinguished, experienced, and friendly and helpful multi-national professors, but also from students with different back grounds, experience, and knowledge from every corner of the world. IUJ is a great place to study International Relations. The IRP provides a strong analytical base and understanding of world history and current world affairs as well as a strong insight about the future world community. The IRP trains and equips students with knowledge and well-honed skills to become an effective player in their future careers. For me, upon my graduation from IUJ, I’ ll find a career with the civil society organizations (CSOs) in Cambodia, and then I’ll think about switching my career to the government. I’ll try to apply all the knowledge and skills I learned here to contribute to the development of my country ? Cambodia. Indeed, Cambodia is in need of highly and well-educated people; therefore, I hope that I’ll be able to actively participate in developing my country. It is my great pleasure and honor that I have a chance to study abroad at such a great learning environment like IUJ.

Mei Lee Kok Malaysia class of 2010

W hy did you choose to come to IUJ-IRP? 
First and foremost it had always been a dream of mine to study in Japan. My professor at the University of Malaya in Malaysia was a graduate of IUJ and recommended that I apply for an International Relations degree because IUJ students come from different parts of the world. The diverse community of IUJ is very suitable for my international relations course because the interaction with students of different nationalities gives me an opportunity to be exposed and learn more about other countries’ cultures, traditions, ways of life, and the issues that affect them. After graduation I intend to work in Japan and since studying at IUJ provides me exposure to the Japanese culture and language, I believe that this will enhance my chances of being employed in the future. 

What did you find most helpful in studying at IUJ-IRP? 
My professors at IUJ are very knowledgeable in the field of International Relations and I was able to learn so much from them. Their teaching methods further stimulate my interest in the field and since the student population comes from different parts of the world, their personal views and experiences that they share are very helpful in getting a much deeper understanding of the subjects we study. Studying at IUJ while in Japan also gives me an opportunity to improve my English as well as my Japanese. 

What is your future plan and where does IUJ-IRP fit in your plans? After graduation, I plan to work in an international organization such as the UN or to become a journalist. I believe that the knowledge and background that I will obtain from an International Relations degree from IUJ will help prepare me in achieving my dreams. 

How do you feel to study at IUJ?
I feel like that I made the right choice to come and study at IUJ. The IUJ campus is surrounded by nature, beautiful mountains and rice paddy fields in a rural setting in Japan. The environment here is quiet and conducive for learning and thinking. The atmosphere also promotes camaraderie among the students and you will be able to know everyone in a short time.

Quyet Huu Nguyen Vietnam class of 2010

I chose to come to the International Relation Program at IUJ for a simple reason; IUJ-IRP is said to be one of the best training programs, with highly qualified and well-experienced professors from many parts of the academic world. Having taken a close look at the IR graduate professional program of IUJ, I found it greatly significant to furnish and improve my understanding and analysis of a wide range of issues in international affairs. Thus, I decided to come to IUJ-IRP without hesitation. After one year of studying IRP, I feel increasingly interested since IRP courses have equipped me with not only political and historical knowledge, but also with economic and cultural knowledge in both theoretical frameworks and practical perspectives in global and local contexts to effectively enhance my capacity to analyze and solve problems in international affairs. As a lecturer of English at a university in Vietnam, I plan to go back to Vietnam to continue to pursue my goal as a future lecturer of IRP. IUJ-IRP is therefore becoming more significant to me in a sense that it motivates my ambition enter the academic world and learn experience and profound knowledge from IUJ professors in general and IRP professors in particular to facilitate my teaching skills in the future. In addition, IUJ is the ideal destination, `where the world gathers`. For this reason, I can immerse myself in multicultural communications, understanding many different aspects of cultures, traditions and religions from various parts of the world, which in turn help me improve my capacity to analyze issues and problems in international affairs.

Mamta Katwal Bhutan class of 2009

I UJ is a splendid place to study international relations. It offers an extensive and diverse IR program taught by highly learned, distinguished and approachable faculty. This is frequently complemented by distinguished guest speakers bringing to us a variety of other academic activities and programs; not to forget the constant and tireless effort and help rendered by the administrative staff. And studying with and among students from over fifty different countries and cultural background is in itself a splendid experience in learning. The sights, sounds and tastes of over fifty countries are often displayed and enjoyed by the students, faculty and the Japanese people in a wide range of extra-curricular activities offered by the university and the study body. 

Studying International Relations at IUJ has broadened and deepened my knowledge and understanding about Japan and the Asian Pacific region. International politics and economics around the world have fascinated me. Being here has also enhanced my knowledge about the various problems concerning different aspects of the globalized world and the stand and initiatives taken by international and regional institutions, societies and countries on these issues. It has improved my communication and inter-personal skills. I am proud of how the international relations program has improved my reading habits, taught me to understand, analyze and write better. One cannot forget the excellent Japanese language program offered by the university which is yet another very valuable asset for all IUJ students. 

I come from a very small and a developing country- Bhutan. Bhutan is in need of human resource development within the international arena. I consider myself very fortunate for this golden opportunity provided to me by the Asian Development Bank and IUJ. The IR program has made me an asset to my country and I intend to work diligently for my country and contribute in my own small way to the development of my country.