International Board of Advisers (IBA)

GSIM’s mission emphasizes the education of socially responsible and phronetic business leaders who create value for the society. International and multicultural work environment is supposed to be their natural milieu.

In order to benefit from the wisdom of world-class leaders, both from the academia and from the business world, IUJ’s GSIM has asked prominent professionals to join our International Board of Advisers (IBA).

The roles played by the board  are as follows:

1. Advise GSIM on academic-related issues.

2. Bring to GSIM’s attention the regionally important business and social  standards.

3. Advise on GSIM’s management orientation.

4. Attend board meetings if called.

List of GSIM’s International Board of Advisers

(as of December 2018)

  • Paul Danos (Dean of Tuck School of Business)
  • Donald Kanak (Chairman of Prudential Asia Corp)
  • Ji-Ye Mao (Dean, School of Business, Renmin University of China)
  • Takeshi Niinami (CEO, President, Member of the Board, Representative Director of Suntory Holdings)
  • Pedro Nueno (President of CEIBS)
  • Vance Roley (Dean of Hawaii University)
  • Jeffrey Sachs (Professor at Columbia University)
  • Muhammad Yunus (Founder of Grameen Bank)

(Names in alphabetical order)