Special Students

A special student of the Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) can obtain credits from courses he/she takes. However, a special student cannot obtain a degree. A special student shall attend not only the classes but also participate in discussion in the classes and must take examinations the same as the regular students. Courses a special student may take are limited, in principle, to non-language courses. The period of special student status is at least one term and at most one year while it may be extended at his/her request.


Starting date of enrollment is at the beginning of each term. IUJ has adopted a three-term system (10 weeks + 1 examination week per term). Courses in the GSIM are completed within each term.

Approximate period for each term and application deadline are as follows:

Period of each term Application deadline (Residents in Japan)
Fall term Late September – Middle December April 15 (May 10)
Winter term Early January – Late March August 15 (Sept. 10)
Spring term Early April – Late June October 15 (Nov. 10)

Note: Those non-Japanese applicants must, prior to enrollment, make arrangements to obtain their “student visa.”  In principle, it takes about 8 weeks to obtain the visa as long as all documents are in order. This may vary according to the country in which the applicant lives. Therefore, they are advised to submit application documents earlier than the above mentioned deadline.


Admission fee 120,000 yen (one payment only)

Tuition fee *140,000 yen per credit

*A special student can take up to 12 credits in a term.

Download Application and Instructions (PDF)


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