Dr. Hyunkoo Lee
Dean and Professor of Graduate School of International Management

Dean’s Message

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The COVID-19 continues to threaten us with a health risk. It shrinks our scope of life and damages the national economy. There is no denying it is indeed a tough time. However, as this situation can’t go on forever, nothing seems to be more vital in this time than for us to have courage and determination to overcome this crisis. In fact, now is the perfect time to set a new goal for the post-COVID era and make a strategy.

Studying business in a graduate school is an effective way to redesign your career. You can gain useful skills and improve your job qualification. You can enter a new industry or switch your career, even in a different country. Probably, the best part of a study in a graduate school is to get to know many unique people whom you usually don’t encounter often. You will be amazed by their diverse talent and immense enthusiasm. Together, you can build a strong network for life.

GSIM offers various two- and one-year master’s degree programs with a different emphasis. All programs transform students into all-round managers who can succeed in tomorrow’s digital world. We offer a delicate blend of both Western and Japanese management concepts. Our domestic students often use our programs as a springboard to an international post. Similarly, our international students use them as a stepping stone to a job in Japan.

Our students receive a hands-on learning experience through rigorous core courses, small group seminars, an integrated research project, and a wide range of electives. They also enjoy international exchange programs, internships, and a host of exciting events. Our multicultural campus provides unequaled opportunities to build your global network and discover international careers. Please review our curricula, faculties, and unique environments on our website. Then you will realize our programs offer one of the best values for your investment.
In the time of the pandemic, we need the courage to reinvent ourselves. There is a growing demand for a new breed of business leaders. I strongly invite you to explore our programs and change your life.