GSIM Alumni / Voices

From our Campus To the World

Our strong alumni network, based on relationships of trust established inside and outside the class room spreads all over the world after graduation.

Alumni Profile

(As of Sept. 1, 2018)

Total Number of Alumni 4,384
       GSIM (MBA, Ebiz) 1,814
       GSIR (IRP, IDP, PMPP) 2,570
Countries and regions of GSIM only 92
      Japan 30.7%
      South East, East,  and Oceania 39.2%
      South Asia 11.6%
     The America 6.2%
     Eastern Europe and Central Asia 4.5%
     Africa 3.9%
     West and North Europe 2.8%
     Middle East 1.1%

IUJ Career Services provided me with many opportunities to meet employers from different industries for recruitment sessions and interviews during my studies in Japan. In addition, I received continuous support from individual sessions in improving my resume and setting my career objectives. Through IUJ Career Services, I managed to obtain both an internship in 2011 and employment after my graduation in Japan, with an offer before graduation!

Imelisa Tansil Hertono

Indonesia, MBA Class of 2012

First job after IUJ:
Management Consulting
Accenture Japan Ltd.


Oscar Mendoza

Mexico, MBA Class of 2010
First job after IUJ: Co-Chief Operating Officer, Frontier Securities

Our life-long learning will last forever. Being a student of IUJ has been an enduring investment, one that commenced before admission, was assembled during my time at IUJ, and will flourish after graduation. I have learned and grown beyond my expectations. I am forever grateful!

Sevinj Ibrahimova
German Technical Cooperation
E-Biz Class of 2006

Many of my friends ask why I decided to do my Master’s at IUJ. I always tell them that there are a lot of things at IUJ that you cannot discover at other universities. IUJ is an international mini-country, which helps you learn in a completely different atmosphere.

In classes we get guest speakers who explain current operations and processes within their companies. The professors here are very kind and friendly. During classes students do not feel pressured, and it is actually quite pleasurable.  

After returning back to Azerbaijan I have shared my knowledge with people who want to start businesses in the electronic world. To people who want to get their Master’s degree abroad, I always tell them that if they want to obtain advanced knowledge and develop an international network of friends, IUJ is the right place to come.

Takafumi Kikuchi
Panasonic Corporation
MBA Class of 2009

With intensified global competition, I realize that management ability with an international perspective is absolutely imperative. I believe that IUJ is the best business school for those who want to acquire international management skills. IUJ’s attractiveness can be summarized as follows: Firstly, IUJ offers a very comprehensive MBA program focusing on real business practices in the global market, where an outstanding faculty teaches us essential knowledge for global business leaders. In addition, class discussion and group projects are very exciting. Since IUJ is composed of excellent students with a variety of backgrounds from 50 countries, sharing innovative viewpoints that reflect their own cultures allows me to deepen my knowledge and expand my horizons. Moreover, the Research PLATFORM provides us with a deep insight into global business practices, where I am conducting research of the global strategy of my company. Through this research activity, I am learning the essentials of global strategy in several frameworks, and acquiring the practical skills global strategists need. In future, I’d like to become a country manager in the Asia Pacific, so I strongly believe that these experiences and the knowledge acquired at IUJ would be great advantages and competencies.

Secondly, through the experience as president of the IM Council (Student Association) I have been able to develop practical global leadership and cross-cultural management skills, where it is required to have the ability to build a consensus among diversified students considering their different cultures. Another attractive point at IUJ is that we can practice exercising global leadership in IUJ’s international environment. In addition, strong “Networking” can easily be built all over the world at IUJ. We can triumph over cultural barriers by respecting and caring for each other, and build strong relationships and friendships that never change through life. Although IUJ is a small community, I strongly believe that there is the epitome of global peace here at IUJ.

Thirdly, IUJ is the best place to access to various aspects of Japanese culture. There are many exchange activities with local people, so there are great chances to learn the traditions and culture of Japan. In addition, since IUJ is located in a beautiful natural environment, you can enjoy different seasonal views: fresh greenery in spring, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter. As a Japanese person, I’m so happy to explore local traditions and culture and share Japanese values with international students. I’m sure that IUJ’s Japanese students will kindly support your student life and help you learn the truth of Japan.

Overall, IUJ can provide a unique experience in terms of academic programs, a truly diverse student body and chances to gain cross- cultural knowledge. I strongly believe that you can have a fulfilling life at IUJ.