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IUJ provides a rich educational environment with a diversified student body coming from 50 countries. In this environment, students study together residing in on-campus dormitories.

Student Profile

MBAs and E-Biz students entering 2018

Student Body  71
MBA (2y) Program 51
MBA (1y) Program 9
E-Biz Management Program 12
Average Years of Work Experience 5.5
Average TOEFL iBT* 85
Average GMAT* 550
Average Age 29
Countries and regions 30
ASEAN countries 33%
Japan 16%
Other Asian countries 25%
The Americas and Europe 1%
Other regions 25%

*International applicants only

Class Profile

IUJ provides a rich educational environment with a diversified student body coming from 50 countries. In this environment, students study together residing in on-campus dormitories.

The Graduate School of International Management has students who have various back ground from all over the world. Group work with students from diverse countries and campus life activities make this a dynamic experience. Students can also develop leadership skills that are required for global leaders. Our strong network, based on relationships of trust established inside and outside the classroom spreads all over the world after graduation.


T. Cashman Mitchell USA MBA Class of 2013

Welcome prospective students! An important issue for most of you now is deciding on the trade-off between studying at an institution in your home country or abroad. As an IUJ graduate, I am so glad that I made the choice to complete my MBA in Japan. IUJ has opened new doors and created new experiences that I will never forget. Going forward, my experiences at IUJ will help in a changing job market where companies are looking for people that are adaptable and capable of interacting in a global environment.

 International Experience: The greatest strength of IUJ is its international environment. From the classroom where each member in group projects are usually from a different country to the international exchange program to other top MBA universities in the second year, IUJ creates a unique experience while learning about different business cultures and customs within a very tight-knit community. For example, in our Financial Accounting course, our final project was to compare and contrast the current financial position of two companies. Our group looked at Nissan and Honda. What really made the project great was that each team member was able to collect data from their home countries to see which markets were important in the profitability of the companies.
Internship: A summer internship is another important part of an MBA experience where you can learn more about a specific field and your future career. IUJ career services works with first years to bring companies on campus for recruiting, helps you connect with IUJ alumni and holds workshops/one-on-one appointments to develop your resume for finding a summer internship. Over the summer, I interned at Mizuho Corporate Bank as an intern in the Industry Research Division. As someone in the process of changing my job tract, this was a great opportunity to learn about working within a Japanese company and help narrow down my job search in the second year.
Curriculum: IUJ was formed in collaboration with Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth aimed at creating a similar education model in Japan. As the IUJ representative exchange student to Tuck, the curriculum between the two programs are very similar with the first year students taking core courses and the second year offering a wide range of electives. Both schools put an emphasis on teaching through Harvard case studies, group discussion, and team projects. It was also interesting to see that Tuck uses the same textbook as IUJ for the investment class.

Good luck with your MBA search, and I hope to hear from you in the future through the IUJ alumni network!

Thisana Kerdnaimongkol Thailand MBA Class of 2013

International University of Japan (IUJ) has given me one of the greatest things in my life. Not only knowledge, but also diversity, close-knit and family-like relationships among alumni and classmates, the opportunity to learn about culture deeply, and make amazing friendship are what IUJ offers to all students.

Academically, my MBA experience at IUJ changed my business outlook and structured my thinking. The campus facilities, staff/faculty contributions and participative class discussions all made the experience an invaluable learning process. Furthermore, with many organizations now going global and taking part in international collaborations, teamwork and communication are considered critical. In MBA class, communicating while doing group work projects and assignments is becoming more and more typical of how many people conduct their professional business, and helps to develop the skills that will become increasingly important in future. After my first year, I have learned many things that are different from what I got from graduate school. I had more chances to work in groups, exchange ideas with classmates, and study not only from textbooks but also from the perspective of adapting what I have learned to use in practical ways. Consequently, my skills, especially my communication and analytical skills, have been improved.

Additionally, IUJ might be the greatest place for people who seek a university offering diversity and an international environment. My schoolmates come from more than 30 countries. Studying in the multinational environment that IUJ offers makes me able to broaden my point of view.
Moreover, being located in a rural area, IUJ students can focus on their studies. We also have lots of opportunity to communicate with local people and learn real Japanese culture. The most wonderful thing is that we can create very close relationships with friends. Since IUJ is not very large, almost all the students know one another. IUJ’s staff and faculty have not only formal communication with students, but also have informal relationships with us. I was so surprised that many IUJ staff members are so caring that they could remember even my nickname and which country I came from.

All in all, being proud to be an IUJer, I am greatly satisfied with student life at IUJ and would really encourage new members to join the IUJ family.