Our Mission and Values


GSIM’s Mission

The Graduate School of International Management (hereafter referred to as “GSIM”) is dedicated to developing “wise” (i.e., socially responsible) individuals for global business and social leadership, with an emphasis on serving the emerging countries.
The two key components of GSIM mission are nurturing Social Responsibility (SR) and Global Business (GB), which the school aims to achieve and operationalize through its innovative policies, recruitment strategies, placement efforts, teaching, research, and service strategies.
SR in GSIM mission derives from its belief that GSIM and its graduates should not only be compelled by financial benefits but also by their sense of duty to social causes. At GSIM, we mainly focus on the following aims in SR:

  • To enhance the social responsibility policies of GSIM stakeholders, including Japanese corporations, Japanese government organizations, and local community
  • To educate students to be socially responsible leaders, stressing the need of students from emerging countries in Asia and Africa.

GB focuses on the needs surrounding all the constituencies that GSIM serves. For students and faculty, it is vital to keep abreast of the ever-changing dynamics of global business, supported by solid theoretical and practical bases, in order to advance their own careers and professionalism. For other stakeholders, which include Japanese corporations and government organizations, it is vital that GSIM nurtures students who can blend their business objectives with a sense of social leadership because such organizations expect this balanced outcome.
At GSIM, we mainly focus on the following aims in GB:

  • To instill global mindedness in students, including those from emerging countries in Asia and Africa.
  • To help students understand the business and cultures of other countries and serve their home countries by contributing to their development, following graduation
  • To help Japanese corporations, Japanese government organizations, local SMEs, and other stakeholders (e.g. foreign entities operating in Japan) to become globalized with a sense of social responsibility.

GSIM’s Vision

To be the premier business school with a world-wide reputation that develops future leaders with social awareness who understand both Japan and emerging countries in Asia and Africa.

GSIM’s Values

  • Inclusiveness (and Multicultural Awareness)
  • Global mindedness
  • Social responsibility
  • Ethical integrity and Professionalism

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