MBA Program

Core courses

・Corporate Finance ・International Management ・Operations Management
・Corporate Social Responsibility ・Managerial Accounting ・Organizational Behavior
・Data Analytics for Business ・Marketing Management ・Strategic Management
・Financial Accounting

Elective (MBA・IMBA Common Courses)

・Agriculture Business and Policy in Japan ・Digital Supply Chain Management ・Macroeconomics I: Income Theory
・AI for Business ・Econometrics ・Management for Digital Transformation
・Applied Econometrics ・Entrepreneurial and Venture Finance ・Managing Product Development
・Big Data Analytics ・Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development ・Managing Public Organizations
・Business Leaders in Japan ・Entrepreneurship and Innovation ・Marketing Analytics
・Business Presentation ・Environmental Policy and Disaster Management ・Marketing Intelligence
・Competing in Emerging Markets ・Essentials of Economics ・Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Management in Japan
・Corporate Strategy ・Finance and Technology ・Negotiation Strategy
・Cross-sectional and Panel Data Analysis ・Financial Statement and Business Analysis ・New Business Creation and Venturing
・Customer Relationship Management ・Human Resource and Global Talent Management ・Portfolio Management
・Data Analysis with Python ・Information Policy and Management ・Quantitative Investment and Financial Data Analytics
・Data Analytics for Business ・International Finance ・Research Methods
・Data Management and Modelling ・Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System ・Service Management
・Derivatives and Risk Management ・Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation ・Small to Medium-sized Firms in Japan
・Development of Japanese Industries ・Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance ・Strategic Brand Management
・Digital Marketing and Customer Journey ・Japan’s Frontier of Digital Society ・Sustainable Finance
・Digital Platform and Digital Business Models ・Leadership ・World Landscape of the Digital Industry

Notes: In addition to these elective courses, students can choose other courses provided by other programs as electives.
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