Global Leadership Program(GLP)


Applications for this year have closed because our capacity has been reached.
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The environment surrounding companies is changing dramatically, and in this environment, we need to align the parts of the company that should be maintained with existing ways of thinking and new directions that should be challenged.

< Business environments are undergoing further transformation> ■ There have been changing in products, services, work styles, and money flows due to digitization. Digitalization has shifted the source of growth from physical goods to “intangible assets” such as data and knowledge. ■ Globalization will occur in more fluid and wide-ranging areas due to rapid changes in the world. Market concepts and economic frameworks are constantly changing. ■ Corporate management that is receptive to diverse values and drastic adaptation is necessary. People’s values have changed because of the COVID pandemic.

<Companies are required to play expanded roles in the world>

■ Sustainable growth by developing leaders with a clear vision of the future is required.
■ It is important to shore up the strength of Japanese-style management by breaking away from shareholderism.
■ The over-analysis, over-planning, and over-compliance of Japanese companies must be challenged.

Five Features of the GLP

  1. Classes in English with a good balance between “lecturing” and “discussion”
  2. Prior learning of basic content through e-learning
  3. Active discussions in small groups facilitated by international graduate students in order to promote the exchange of ideas in English
  4. Cross-industrial team projects and presentations
  5. Intensive one-week programs in a global environment to acquire cross-cultural sensitivity