Background Info and previous ThANKS Fund campaigns

  • About the ThANKS Fund (distributed in May 2006): We have supported 28 students so far! (June 2020)
  • 5th drive May 2017 to December 2019 — We only achieved 18% of the goal and had to rely on other methods to keep this scholarship alive for future IUJers. To all those giving, we thank you! We are hoping for far more involvement to keep this important alumni-student support going.   Details here
  • 4th drive June 2012 to April 2017  — We only achieved 53% of the goal, leaving our fund balance at ZERO.  Details here
  • 3rd Fund Raising campaign results: June 2008-May 2012 – Pres. Mori matching donation campaign 1.
  • ThANKS Fund: “Tamaru-sensei Revenge” campaign Results and contributors. July 2007 – April 2008. Tamaru-sensei is very grateful to those that got involved! So is the Alumni Assoc. Executive Council.
  • Original ThANKS Fund drive Results and contributors, May 2006-May 2007 – THANKS to all those that gave Comments from those who donated
  • Initial Fundraising Drive Results and contributors – May 2002 – Dec. 2005 THANKS to all those that