Looking to further your education? The International University of Japan is holding an open campus virtual event on Sunday, November 28th between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm, to give prospective students insight into what IUJ has to offer.

IUJ was established in 1982 as the first English-language graduate school in Japan. Currently, 300 students from 53 countries and regions undertake studies at the university, with alumni hailing from a total of 141 countries and regions. It truly lives up to being the university Where the World Gathers.

IUJ is a school that is continually growing – not just by the number of countries that students hail from, but in its international standing. The Graduate School of International Management proudly obtained accreditation from AACSB in 2018,  the Digital Transformation Program was established in 2021 to train future managers and entrepreneurs with particular strengths in the DX domain, and the Graduate School of International Relations will establish a new one-year program the International Public Policy Program designed for future government leaders.

This open campus virtual is applicable to those interested in applying to IUJ for the 2022 academic year or in the near future. The event will give participants the opportunity to find out more about what the university has to offer, as well as the chances to have a class experience and to meet current students for first hand accounts of their experiences with the school.

-Over view of IUJ
-Class Experience
-Virtual Campus Tour
– Q&A with IUJ students and staff
-(Individual meeting with Faculty if requested)


Sunday, November 28th

1:30pm- (3:00pm)

Japan Standard Time (JST)

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Please contact us to contact@iuj.ac.jp if you are interested in joining the event.

Contact :

Office of Admissions and Career Support (OACS)

Phone: +81-25-779-1104

Email:  contact@iuj.ac.jp

For more about our university, visit www.iuj.ac.jp/about/education/ , our online brochure, and our social media accounts;

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If you’ve been wondering about studying here at IUJ, please hear from our students and student voices about why IUJ is so great.