IUJ Olympic 2017 was held

A successful IUJ Olympic was held from May 15 through May 27.  This is an annual event which is held in the evenings after classes and on weekends, organized by Graduate School Organization Executive Committee (GSO-EC).  A total of 8 multi-cultural teams (25 members per team) which are formed by mainly students included staff, alumni and outsiders aimed for victory over 15 various events.  “Team Warriors” won the overall victory this year as well as last year, the gold medals and a trophy were awarded.

The students who participated in the IUJ Olympic had a good relationship among their team in between their busy academic schedules.


Student’s comment:

Mr. Nouredine Saidi from Morocco, Second year student of Graduate School of International Management
It was very tough for all team members, indeed, during the two weeks of Olympic games. Playing several games with short breaks, cheering for our teammates and making several training sessions for each and every game was a real challenge.
Fortunately for the Warriors, we had a very homogeneous team although we were from 14 different country. We all shared one important thing which is credited for our victory : the strong desire to win each single game and to be simply the best.  Of course we didn’t win all the games but we fought for all of them and it brought its reward even against stronger opponents where being the best was a miracle. Personally, I was just amazed how these games brought us close to each other and made us stronger and more confident as to our potential. Warriors’ legacy will continue and the team will remain as the most prestigious in IUJ.


2017 Team Results:

Champion: Warriors
2nd Falcons
3rd Samurai
4th IDC
5th Daisuki
6th Rainbow
7th Tomos


The15 events:

Badminton / Tennis / Table Tennis / Basketball / Soccer / Volleyball / Billiards / Dodgeball / Four-Legged Race / Tug of War / 100 Meters sprint / Chess / Cycling / Cricket / Run (5km)

100m ladies

Tug of War