IUJ Culti Fiesta 2016 was held on Saturday, November 26 at the IUJ Gymnasium Hall from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

The Culti Fiesta is an internal cultural event hosted by GSO-EC (The Graduate Student Organization Executive Committee) to promote camaraderie among IUJ students, their families, faculties and staffs.  Some alumni also came to enjoy it together.  There were over 20 exciting performance by a diverse group of performers from around the globe where students can find the entire world and their culture. IUJ Gym was filled with excitement.

Message from Ms. Ayumi Yamaguchi, Graduate School of International Relations, GSO-EC menber:
We believe that Culti Fiesta is not just a performance event but an event that presents a range of unique cultures and commends their different values and practices. Each country’s culture developed based on different backgrounds, such as shared history, climate, and religion, and is really distinctive. “These differences are interesting.  This diversity makes up the world’s cultural wealth.  We are happy that Culti Fiesta allowed for the audience to have these kinds of thoughts and reactions.
As was apparent from the stage and venue decorations, the theme of Culti Fiesta this year was “rainbow.”  By definition, a rainbow consists of more than one color.  Its beauty in people’s eyes lies in the combination of different colors, and just like the different colors of the rainbow coming together to create a beautiful, natural phenomenon, Culti Fiesta was a wonderful event showcasing the various colors of different countries’ cultures and practices.
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who supported us, performed on the stage, came to Culti Fiesta, and the GSO members who worked hard to make Culti Fiesta 2016 a success.

The list of group performers:

1. Music Club 12. Laos
2. Lean in Club 13. Afghanistan
3. Central Asia 14. Mongolia
4. India 15. Philippines
5. Myanmar 16. Vietnam
6. East and West Africa 17. Nepal
7. SADC from Africa 18. Georgia
8. North African Region 19. Belly Dance
9. Afro-Rhythm Session 20. Bangladesh
10. Cambodia 21. Japan
11. Indonesia


Team Central Asia

Team East and West Africa

Team Myanmar


For your information, the International Festival: the biggest cultural event in IUJ, will be held in May every year.  The 2017 International Festival will be held on May 13, 2017.