Gakuwari: Student Discounts on JR train fares


JR offers a 20% discount off the JR train fare for the normal fares over 100K (does not apply to express train extra charge) to full-time students (exchange and special students do not qualify). Each student may request 10 coupons an academic year (Sept 1 – Aug 31). Each coupon is valid for up to 3 months.


How to use “Gakuwari” discount travel coupons by JR

The information below is written on the back of the JR Gakuwari Coupons

  • Full time students over the age of 12 years old (excluding correspondence students and exchange students), and traveling a distance of more than 100 kilometers one way, may use this discount coupon. One coupon may be used at one time.
  • The coupon is redeemable only before the start of a trip.
  • In the column with an ※ circle if the trip is a one way trip (片道), or round trip (往復) with an ink pen (black or blue)
  • The rest of the coupon must be filled in by your school before use. It cannot be redeemed without the school’s official stamp.
  • If the lines below the ※ are changed, modified or tampered with, the coupon becomes invalid and cannot be redeemed.
  • Only the person indicated on the coupon may use this coupon, and may do so only if their student status is valid.
  • This ticket purchased using this discount coupon can be used only by the person indicated. It may not be used by a 3rd
  • To redeem this coupon you must present your Student Identification at the time of purchase, and anytime you are requested to do so by a JR staff during your travels.
  • This coupon is valued from the date of issue until the expiration date of the as noted (three months).


Note from OSS: On the coupon, please indicate the name of the station you will start your travels and the ending station. If there is a transfer station along the way, please indicate that as well. You may write using the alphabet.  Example:




※ 乗車区間


“Starting Station”  駅から

“Transfer Station”  経由

“Ending Station”  駅まで



※ 乗車券の種 類

(see #3 above)


片道    往復    連続

Circle if:  one way         round trip


All other sections





Translated and described by International University of Japan, IUJ, Office of Student Services