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 Activity date : As notified
 Activity time :
Coordinator : Izzat is Head of HOUSE (2022-2023)
Contact :

The 8* HOUSEs of Nakayama are 8 teams, each with a captain, and coordinated by the Head of House (HOH). 3-4 competition each term builds up points for the crowning of the HOUSE Champion at the end of the academic year. HOUSE stands for Honoring Our Unique Social Environment.  The HOUSEs are named after IUJ founding fathers and Chairmen, and the overall program is named after Sohei Nakayama, the creator of IUJ.

  • Sasaki House (Founding Father), Snow Monkeys (White)
  • Doko House (Founding Father), Elephants (Black)
  • Nagano House (Founding Father) Giant Pandas (Orange)
  • Mizukami House (Founding Father), Wolves, (Brown)
  • House of Ushio (Chairman), Cobras (red)
  • House of Tomabechi (Chairman) Bears, (Baby Blue)
  • House of Yamamuro (Chairman), Bald Eagles (Yellow)
  • House of Sugihara (Chairman), Bengal Tigers, (Purple)
  • House of Okamura (Chairman)、Lions (Green)
  • House Kobayashi (Chairman), Jaguars (Grey)

*From academic year 2022-2023 the 10 HOUSEs are reduced to 8 for smooth tournament arrangements. TBA

Badminton Club

Activity date: Tuesday and Friday
Activity time: 18:00-20:00
Coordinator: Passana Kongklieng and Tam Han

Badminton Club has regular gym time, and 1-3 tournaments for fun a year

Basketball Club

Activity date: Thursdays and Saturdays
Activity time: 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Coordinator: Zakaria Hmamed

Friendly club gathered for the love of basketball. Men and Women both join

Billiard Club (Pool)

Activity date:
Activity time:
Coordinator: TBA

Friendly gatherings in SD2 1F lounge for a game of 8 ball, or any kind of pool/billiards match. HOUSE events and independent tournaments await. Get to practicing!

Please remember the quiet policy and show respect to those who live above the pool table!

Belly Dance Club

Activity date: TBA
Activity time:  Instructor sought


Activity date: daily
Activity time:
Coordinator:  Sajid Madiha Amna
BLOOM brings flower lovers together to add color and a soothing atmosphere to the dorms.  Plant seasonal flowers, nurture them, watch them grow.

Chess Club

Activity date:
Activity time:  Saturdays, 8-10pm
Coordinator:  Tam Han
Come learn the game of Chess or challenge your skills with some pretty good talent on campus. Logical thinking, strategy, prediction are just a few of the brain power skills you can develop . . . plus have some good fun.

Communication club

Activity date: TBA
Activity time:
Coordinator: Tentative leader, incoming student Nima
From public speaking and debate skills, from Tedx events and cross-cultural communication empathy, the Communications Club fosters English information delivery techniques for global leaders.

Cooking Club

Activity date: TBA
Activity time:
Coordinator: TBA
Want to share your national dishes, learn to cook great food from around the world, don’t want to starve while living in the dorms?  Join the cooking club and … well, ENJOY

Cricket Club

Activity date: TBA
Activity time:
Coordinator: Avtar Bachani

Experienced and new comers welcomed!

Football/Soccer Club

Activity dates: Wednesday 6-8pm & Sunday 5:30-8pm
Activity time: 18:00-20:00
Coordinator:  Davide Silva Feliciano

A group of football enthusiasts either interested in playing, learning to play or just watching. We take part in off campus tournament at Nagaoka Univ. each year. Tournaments for Futsal with HOUSE and outside of HOUSE happen each year

Gaming Club

Activity date: Friday Nights
Activity time: 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Coordinator: Tran Ngoc Vu Anh

Gym and Fitness Club

Activity date: TBA
Activity time: TBA
For help using the IUJ equipment, finding a work-out buddy, issues with the work out room, please contact the coordinator.  REMEMBER: take all your belongs with you, wipe down machines after use, return items to the appropriate storage spot.

Japanese Communication Club (Nihongo Oshaberi)

Activity date: Sundays
Activity time: TBA
Coordinator: Minako Suzuki and Nhung Le
Practice Japanese conversation skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Kendo and Iaido Club

Activity date: Wednesdays
Activity time: 8:00 – 9:30
Coordinator: Mondejar, Michael and Sodnomdorj Norov
Contact:  and

Explanation of the Club: A modern Japanese non-combative martial art, associated with Japanese wooden swords.

Lean in Club

Activity date:
Activity time:
Coordinator:  Tebello Mohale

Inspiring and empowering IUJ ladies by organizing table talks on success stories in business, entrepreneurship and leadership of women around the world, as well as facilitating cultural exchange by organizing movie nights, ladies night out, pot lucks,trips …

Marketing and Data Analysis club

Activity date:
Activity time:

The club of the IUJ students who interested in marketing.

Movie Night Club

Activity date: Varies.
Activity time:  Varies based on evening schedules. Watch for announcements
Coordinator:  Clark G.

Music Club

Activity date: TBA
Activity time: TBA
Coordinator: Ashan Manatunga

Club for people interested in music. Ask for access to the music room. Please keep it clean and tidied up!  Children are not allowed in the music room.  The Music Club sponsors IUJ Unplugged/Winter Blues each winter term, and various other events or stage shows.  OR they just join to enjoy music as a group or individually.

Photography Club

Activity date:
Activity time: 
Coordinator: TBA
Enjoy learning photo techniques, practicing together, and photo shooting for various campus events. Help with YearBook photos, graduation photos, and sponsoring photo contests withing HOUSE…. and more! Beginners and experts alike – Iphones only or actual cameras . . . all are welcomed.

Ping Pong Club

Activity date: Thursdays and Saturdays
Activity time: 6:30-7:30 p.m. (Thu) / 4:00-7:00 p.m. (Sat)
Coordinator: Sharif Mahmudov

Play of table tennis game: Organize training sessions & competitions in and out IUJ

Rainbow Peers

Activity date: TBA
Activity time:
Coordinator:   Fritzie Rodriguez

Rainbow Peers is a club designed to promote awareness, inclusiveness, visibility, and equality for members, allies, friends, and family of the LGBTQIA+ community in IUJ.

Tennis Club

Activity date:
Activity time: 
Coordinator: Rudraxee Bharali

Advanced and Beginners alike come to enjoy friendly matches, and an occasional tournament. Lessons may be offered for a small fee.

Volleyball Club

Activity date: Tuesdays and Saturdays
Activity time: 20:00-22:00(Tue) and 17:30-19:30(Sat)
Coordinator: Batihan Dizdaroglu

Practicing volleyball while having fun

Yoga Club

Activity date: Sundays
Activity time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Coordinator: Mai Duong and Nandintsetseg Baldandorj
Enjoy learning the basics and perfecting your skills in a relaxing Sunday session. Perfect for refreshing for the week ahead.

Zumba Club

Activity date:
Activity time: 
Coordinator:  Instructor sought

Dance fitness class

Religious Affiliations

Activity date:
Activity time: 
   Muslim Student Association – TBA
   Catholic Student Association – TBA
   Christian Fellowship – TBA

IUJ is a campus that respects religious freedoms. Everyone is welcomed to worship in their own way as long as it does not offend others or cause problems or conflicts. Religious propaganda or pressuring is not allowed on campus. That said, many of those from other faiths gather to enjoy and learn about other religions on campus out of mutual respect and understanding!


 Activity date : Monday
 Activity time : 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Coordinator : Inactive on campus. Attending in Koide Dojo with membership fees is current option.
Contact : 

Practicing the Japanese martial art Aikido