Interuniversity Project

Human Resource Development Program for International Cooperation (HRIC)

Welcome Message from Vice President

The Human Resource Development Program for International Cooperation (HRIC) is a joint project between Meiji University, Rikkyo University, and the International University of Japan. In this program, we are offering a revolutionary program for Rikkyo and Meiji undergraduate students focusing on the theme of “International Cooperation.” We invite the college students to take courses with IUJ faculty and graduate students, encouraging them to learn together and from each other, crossing the borders of graduate and undergraduate, as well as cultural and national boundaries.

We take pride in the fact that IUJ was established as the first graduate-only institution in Japan. Our graduate programs meet international standards and are offered entirely in English, and we have accepted elite-class students from 110 countries around the world. We hope to draw on these unique assets for a fruitful collaboration among the three Japanese universities.


There are currently three courses being offered on the IUJ campus or led by IUJ faculty:

English Program for International Cooperation (EPIC)

The English Program for International Cooperation (EPIC) is a one-week intensive course offered to undergraduate students who are interested in international studies. Students take classes on inter-national cooperation, discussion management, and presentation skills while residing on campus in an English-speaking environment. EPIC is held as part of the joint Interuniversity Project among IUJ, Meiji University, and Rikkyo University.

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