GSIM Events – Special Lectures & Field Trips

WinterTerm 2019

As of   February 15, 2019

GSIM Guest Lecture Series Winter Term 2019
Guest Speaker Name/Title Instructor/Course Title of the lecture Date/Time Place Open to
Everyone (Yes / No.)
Mr. Takahiro Morio
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Course: International Management / Prof. Yingying Zhang Zhang
Title:Innovation and business in the Japanese video game industry

Sponsored by JICA-ABE initiative

January 31, 13:00-14:30, Classroom 102 Yes
Ms. Noriko Fujimoto
Principal, Fujimoto & Co.
Certified Public Tax Accountant, U.S. CPA
Course: Japanese Corporate System and Japanese Style Management & Their Impact on Development / Prof. Hyunkoo Lee
Title: Corporate Environment and Taxation in Japan

Sponsored by JICA-ABE initiative

February 5, 18:00-19:30, Classroom 102 Yes
Mr. John-Christopher Spender
Research Professor, University of Kozminski
Course: Corporate Strategy / Prof. Yingying Zhang Zhang
Title: How strategy fits with entrepreneurship and ethics?

Sponsored by JICA-JDS

February 15, 13:00-14:30, Classroom 203 Yes
Mr. Shutaro Asai
Manager of Management Planning Office, Koki Holdings
Course: Corporate Strategy / Prof. Yingying Zhang Zhang
Title: Post M&A management: A case of Japanese firms

Sponsored by JICA-ABE initiative

March 1, 13:00-14:30, Classroom 203 Yes
GSIM Field Trips Winter Term 2019
Company Name Course/Instructor Date
SUBARU Gunma Factory Operations Management/ Prof. Wenkai Li March 8