GSIM Events – Special Lectures & Field Trips

Winter Term 2018

As of   February 28, 2018

GSIM Guest Lecture Series Winter Term 2018
Guest Speaker Name/Title Instructor/Course Title of the lecture Date/Time Place Open to
Everyone (Yes / No.)
Mr. Fumihiko Kobayashi
Former Chief of Special Operations at IFC (World Bank Group)
Course: Project Risk Management / Prof. Jay Rajasekera
Title: Myths and Truth: Project and Infrastructure Financing and Risk Management

Sponsored by JICA-ABE

February 2nd, 14:40-16:10, Classroom 102 Yes
Ms. Kayo Mimizuka

Japan Center of Education for Journalists(JCEJ)

Course: Marketing Intelligence / Prof.Comai Alessandro
Title: The problem of Fake News:International and Japanese perspective

Sponsored by JICA-ABE

February 22nd, 14:40-16:10, Classroom 202 Yes
Dr.Helmut Wenisch

Senior Strategy Program Lead at Siemens Japan

Course: Innovation & New Business Creation / Prof.Wakayama
Title: Innovation at Large Companies

Sponsored by JICA-ABE

 March 13rd,


Classroom 103

Dr.Donald Soo

President / Angel Investor at Mission 500 K.K. / TX Entrepreneurship Partners

Course: Corporate Level of Strategy / Prof.Yingying Zhang Zhang

Title: Incubator Investment Project Selection, Portfolio Strategy and Management Strategy

Sponsored by JICA-ABE

March 15th,


Classroom 203

GSIM Field Trips Winter Term 2018
Company Name Course/Instructor Date
EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Tokyo Private Equity and Venture Capital One round-table and four special lectures on Venture Capital with guests./ Prof.Cifferi February 16th
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Excahnge Debt Security Markets/ Prof.Ito February 22nd
SUBARU Gunma Factory  Operations Management/ Prof.Li February 23rd
Nagaoka, Road Station Washima Infrastructure Planning and Management/ Prof.Sano March 4th