Family Considerations

Those considering to bring family members to Japan during their studies are required to carefully read the Family Guide well ahead of  time, and make their decisions carefully. If you do decide to bring your family, we would like to share a recommended timeline with you (not applicable to Japanese nationals or JISR students).

Steps and Timing for Bringing your family to the IUJ Community: Recommended

Because the first two academic terms are very busy for students, we ask them to concentrate on their studies, adjusting to IUJ and Japan, and experience winter term, and make new friends and build their professional network without their family members here. After this adjustment, family members can smoothly transition into the community, and enjoy a year or so in Japan.

Below is the recommended timing to ensure good academic performance and a positive experience for your family:

  • Fall Term

    Student arrives at IUJ, checks into the single student dorms, and settles in to IUJ life

  • November: contact the city regarding child care/education availability and preregistration procedures. Submit family health documentation (if available) to the OSS/JJPO
  • December: Collect necessary documentation, fill in the application form, and apply for the CoE at the Immigration Office. Information on what is required is available in the Info Pack
  • Winter Term

    Wait for CoE processing (3-4 months). Please do not call to the Immigration Office, but please wait for them to send you the CoE: It usually takes at least 3 months and often more. 

  • January.
    Contact the landlords and arrange for a housing contracts that starts in mid March

  • January and February
    Communicate often and clearly with OSS about arrangements and planning to move off campus in March, after winter term finals. Submit Request to Move Out form 4 weeks prior to your planned move (so around mid February)

  • Spring Term

    Family can arrive late March or early April

  • Enjoy Japan for about a year, and one elementary school year.
  • Enjoy summer time with the family
    Elementary school holidays are in August.
  • Spring Term of 2nd year

    — Family plans to return

  • Spring Term

    Student aged kids, if possible, should be home schooled or return to home country so as not to disrupt the Japanese school system too much. But please consult with your elementary school on this point, and depending on your return plans.

  • Late Spring term of 2nd year.

    Student moves back to dorms for last part of IUJ life (depending on dorm availability) s requested by your scholarship sponsor.