Thank you for your interest to make a donation to IUJ.

There are two schemes to make a donation, explained below. Please choose the best method for your situation.

If you have questions, please contact

Thank you!





For those in Japan, please consider the Furusato Nozei scheme.  This scheme allows you to make a donation to Minami Uonuma city, and 90% of that donation goes to IUJ. Plus you receive a tax credit for the amount donated, minus 2,000yen, and a gift of 5Kg of Koshihikari Rice!

More information in Japanese is at:

For those inside or outside of Japan, and unable to take advantage of Japanese tax breaks for donations, we would like to recommend a donation to The ThANKS Fund: The Alumni-NaKayama Scholarship Fund.  This is a stipend scholarship made possible through alumni donations to support 2nd year students who are campus leaders, actively bringing the campus closer together.

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