Check-in/Check-out Procedures

Checking In:

When you move to IUJ, you need to check into the dorm by filling in a form at the Housekeepers Office (SD1). Your dorm fees begin on that day. Also, you will be assessed a 10,000 yen Maintenance Fee. This is used for building /room maintenance and housekeeping services for lounges, grounds around the dorms, etc. Dorm check-in/out is allowed only during IUJ office hours for the security reason.

Report of Temporary Absence:

If you are going to be absent from the dormitory for 7 or more days but less than 60 days, fill in a Report of Temporary Absence Form available from the Housekeeper. This reporting is for your own protection and so that you may be contacted in case of an emergency or an urgent message regarding your family, scholarships, job offers, internships, etc. Keep your room key safely with you.

Checking OUT of the Single dorms (For summer or while on exchange):

If you are going to be away from campus for more than 60 days and do not want to pay rent while you are gone, you may check out (does not include MSA). You must remove all your belongings from your room, clean your room, fill in the check out form available from the Housekeeper, and return your room key. When you return to campus and check in, you will be assessed the Move In, Maintenance Fee of 10,000 yen. You will return to your same room unless IUJ needs to reassign you due to our programming and room use needs.

Those returning in September after the summer holidays will be informed about the possible return dates (usually the last weekend of September). Those that must return before this time will be required to submit an “early check in request” form with the exact date you will return carefully planned and informed to us. Changing that early check in request to an earlier date is not possible, but coming a bit later is permitted – this is for room readiness issues (all cleaning and maintenance performed)

Note: IUJ scholarship holders should check with the OSS to confirm if check out is allowed or not. Type A scholarship holders may not check out.

Checking out before graduation:

Students are to remain a campus resident until after the final exams period of their final term at IUJ. Those wishing or needing to leave earlier than this, and miss graduation activities, must request special permissions and make special arrangements 4 weeks prior to their campus departure. Likewise, those moving off campus because of their family arriving (spring term recommended) must give a 4 week notification on the Request to Move Off campus form.