Case Link for 2023 WINTER

If you have possibilities not to take each course, please DO NOT click the each link.

“None” means no HBP cases are required for the course.

As of February 7, 2023

C/E CourseNo. Course Title Instructor Updated date
Core MGT1130 International Management Zhang Zhang 2/1
MGT1010 Organizational Behavior Hirose 1/16
MGT1300 Corporate Social Responsibility Yokose 12/26
MGT1320 Local Resources and Social Business Funabashi
MGT2070 Management for Digital Transportation Sakurai/Watanabe 1/16
OPR1010 Operations Management Li
JDP3010 Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance Lee 1/24
Elective ACT3020 Financial Statement and Business Analysis Lee 1/17
FIN2060 Sustainable Finance Chow 2/7
FIN3020 Finance and Technology Chow 2/7
ITC2010 Data Management and modeling Aung
ITC2020 Big Data Analytics Aung
JDP2020 Small to Medium-sized Firms in Japan Funabashi
MGT2110 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Kikkawa
MGT2120 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Magnier-Watanabe
MGT2330 Negotiation Strategy Yokose 12/26
MKG2010 Marketing Intelligence Comai
MKG3030 Marketing Research Sheehan
MGT2350 Venture Launch Scott