Case Link for 2022 SPRING

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As of May 19, 2022

C/E CourseNo. Course Title Instructor Updated date
Core ACT1020 Managerial Accounting Lee 4/26
FIN1010 Corporate Finance Chuang
MGT2310 Leadership Yokose 4/18
Elective ITC2030 AI for Business Aung
ITC3010 Japan’s Frontier of Digital Society Sakurai / Watanabe
JDP3020 Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation Yokose 4/1
JDP3040 Business Leaders in Japan Kikkawa
JDP2030 Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Management in Japan T. Fujimoto/ Heller/ Fukuzawa/ Higashi/ Yasumoto/ Yokozawa
JDP2010 Development of Japanese Industries Funabashi
JDP3060 Agriculture Business and Policy in Japan Yamaguchi / Yokose
MGT2340 Business Presentation Ahmed 4/21
MGT2060 Competing in Emerging Markets Zhang 5/19
FIN3040  Derivatives and Risk Management Chuang
MGT2010 Human Resource and Global Talent Management Hirose 4/1
MGT2210 Strategies for Digital Disruption Wakayama 4/1
MKG3010 Digital marketing and Customer Journey Comai
MKG2020 Strategic Brand Management Akareem
MKG2040 Customer Relationship Management Akareem
OPR3040 Essentials of Supply Chain Management Li 5/1