Case Link for 2021 FALL

If you have possibilities not to take each course, please DO NOT click the each link.

“None” means no HBP cases are required for the course.

As of November 9, 2021

C/E CourseNo. Course Title Instructor Updated date
Core ACT1010 Financial Accounting Lee
MGT1120 Strategic Management Funabashi
MGT1300 Corporate Social Responsibility Yokose 10/18
MKG1010 Marketing Management Comai
ITC1050 Data Analytics for Business Li
MGT1310 Business Core Chuang/Comai/Hirose 9/21
Elective FIN2020 Data Analysis with Python Chuang
FIN2040 Portfolio Management Chow 11/08
FIN2050 Entrepreneurial and Venture Finance Chow 11/09
FIN3030 Quantitative Investment and Financial Data Analytics Chuang
ITC2010 Digital Business Models Aung 9/21
JDP3030 Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System Hiraki 9/24
JDP3040 Business Leaders in Japan Kikkawa
MGT2020 Service Management Hirose 9/27
MGT2050 Corporate Strategy ZhangZhang 11/10
MGT2070 Management for Digital Transformation Sakurai/Watanabe 9/16
MGT2110 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Kikkawa
MGT2130 New Business Creation and Venturing Wakayama 9/21
MGT2150 Role of Government and Entrepreneurs in Development Usui
MGT2310 Leadership Yokose 10/18
MGT2340 Business Presentation Ahmed 10/18