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IUJ Graduation Ceremony was held

IUJ’s Graduation Ceremony for 2015 was held on June 26. 142 students from 25 countries graduated in good standing. In the congratulatory address, President Shinichi Kitaoka praised graduates for having chosen IUJ in Japan. He said that “I’m confident that you made the right decision to come to IUJ. I hope and am convinced that you will work for your company or organization, for your nation and for the world. We will try to establish a position in Asia and definitely need your continued support as alumni”. IUJers then welcomed to the podium the special guest speaker, Mr. Kouichirou Matsuura, the Eighth Director General of UNESCO. He said that “There […]

International Conference on Asian Studies was held at IUJ

International Conference on Asian Studies (ICAS 2015) was held at IUJ on 20th-21st  June 2015. ICAS has been held twice in Sri Lanka.This is first time to be held in Japan. The theme of the conference was”Challenges and Issues in the 21stCentury: Asian Perspectives” this year. First day  was a study tour and second day was conference. President Shinichi Kitaoka speeched about “Japan New Foreign and Security Policy: Implication for South Asia”   A Meeting at conference room▼     2nd day, photo session▼

IUJ Business Plan Competition 2015 was held

On Thursday, June 18, the IUJ Business Plan Competition 2015 was held at MLIC 3F Hall. This event was conducted by IUJ’s Entrepreneurship club in collaboration with GSIM faculty to increase the entrepreneurship spirits as practical tool to apply what students have learned in class. Seven teams of IUJ students participated, and there were 4 Judges, Mr. Donald Soo, an Angel investor, Mr. Hiroyuki Utsugi, a Local Entrepreneur who is the CEO of Ryugon Hotel, Prof. Haruyoshi Ito and Prof. Aung Zaw Zaw of GSIM faculty members. The event opened with welcoming remarks from Prof. Kimio Kase, GSIM Dean. He emphasized that “First, entrepreneurship is an important step to create […]

Turn-Over of IUJ Donations through the Nepal Embassy

We are pleased to announce that total IUJ donation 660,000yen was made and had been turn-over by IUJ student representatives and President Kitaoka to communities affected by the earthquake through the Nepal Embassy in Tokyo on June, 15, 2015. The donation drive initiated by the IUJ GSO-EC in cooperation with the IUJ Administration the end of April. Students, faculty members and friends from other communities and organizations took part in the said donation drive, which lasted until May 23. The Ambassador of Nepal Dr.Bhattarai expressed his deep appreciation and said “The first dispatch of students from Nepal to Japan was in 1902, so we already have long relationship in education. […]

IUJ Sake released on June 15th!!

IUJ’s official sake   In collaboration with Hakkaisan, one of the most popular sake companies in Japan, IUJ has developed a brand of sake called “Kokusai Daigaku de Sourou”. “Kokusai Daigaku de Sourou” is a Junmai-shu, a sake made from pure rice (it does not contain additive distilled alcohol). The name “Kokusai Daigaku de Sourou” is old Japanese, and means “This is IUJ”. The label on the bottle features the front of IUJ’s main building. Try IUJ’s official sake on June 15th in the cafeteria!

“The 4th HR Network Conference” was held

On Friday, June 12, 2015, the “4th HR Network Conference”  was held at the IUJ campus. The event received 17 HR managers from 17 top-tier corporations as respected guests. This Conference aimed to promote the globalization of human resources, as well as to exchange views, ideas and concerns among company guests from different industries among the Global Partnership companies. The Conference opened with welcoming remarks entitled“Present Situation of Higher Education in Japan and IUJ” from President Shinichi Kitaoka . He emphasized that IUJ has to keep accepting highly qualified students and offering high quality of education to establish a position in Asia not only for IUJ but other Japanese universities, […]

IUJ will be introduced on TV on June 17

Minamiuonuma-city visited IUJ on June 9 to talk about their plan for continuing care retirement community. NHK recorded the meeting, IUJ campus and dormitory, etc. The schedule of broadcast is as follows, Program: “Ohayo-Nippon” Date: Wednesday, June 17 Time: 5 min. between 7:45am – 8:00am Channel: 1 NHK  

IUJ awarded the special cheering prize of the Minami Uonuma Gourmet marathon

The Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon was held in Minami Uonuma City on June 14th. IUJ was the 7th water station of the marathon, and many members of the IUJ community came out to cheer the runners, who included IUJ’s own Vice President Shinoda Tomohito , Assistant Professor Jinnai Yuusuke, and several university staff. One of the IUJ staff was interviewed by FM Yukiguni, and the interview was broadcasted. IUJ won a special prize for cheering, which Secretary General Ohno Tomokazu and many IUJ students received at Yairo no Mori Park the details of the Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon can be found on the following website: http://gurumara.com/