Dana (Kazakhstan)

International Relations Program

“This university fully complies with the criteria that I selected for myself when choosing a graduate school”

– Why did you choose IUJ?

This university fully complies with the criteria that I selected for myself when choosing a graduate school. Firstly, I considered universities with a favorable academic climate: it was important for me that my fellow student have a mutually respectful and friendly attitude towards each other, a culture of tolerance and diversity, where I could find growth points for the development of not only my professional life but also my spiritual one. While studying international relations, it is crucial to surround yourself with people from various nations, ethnicities, academic backgrounds, and work experiences. Being able to explore and enjoy Japan’s rich cultural heritage and unique lifestyle while pursuing a master’s degree is a dream coming true!

– What are the features of the program you attend?

The International Relations program enlightens scholars on current geopolitical events, provides relevant case studies, and helps to dig into the world full of international cooperation, institutions, and global networking. The wide range of course offerings covers every sub-field of the IR discipline and is suitably designed for conducting research related to international affairs.

– How is the program?

The program allows students to get acquainted with the main issues and current research on international political trends starting with the basics and theories. Classes allow you to analyze and debate vital topics for states and their governments. The courses also allow you to analyze and debate vital topics about states’ behavior, foreign policy, and governments as well as the aspects that affect them.

– How is your life at IUJ?

I am very grateful to everyone I meet within the walls of the university for their friendliness and responsiveness, cordiality and support. Getting used to it was not easy at first, but thanks to the kind and understanding staff, I was able to quickly adapt and start enjoying the daily delights of life here.

– What is your career path after graduation?

I am interested in international analytics and in the coverage of internationally significant events in the media as well as in cooperation between international agencies and publishers that are involved in shaping public opinion regarding globally significant processes.

– What scholarship are you receiving?

I am a holder of the Asian Development Bank scholarship, which provides an opportunity for young professionals from Asian regions to successfully conduct research and gain scientific knowledge to contribute to the future multilateral development of countries and the prevention of poverty, environmental problems and global crises.

– Please give a message or advice to future IUJ students.

Our campus is an excellent example of international cooperation, tolerance and academic mutual respect, where everything is aimed at developing internal potential and, of course, acquiring truly global connections. To maximize your academic experience, you can use any facility, any device or even human resources not only to achieve your academic goals, but also to fully enjoy the unique environment here created by club activities, traditional events and gatherings within our wonderful and accepting community.