AAOM/APJM PDW and Mini Conference were held at IUJ Tokyo Office and IUJ campus

The Asia Academy of Management (AAOM) and Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM) co-organized two-day events with IUJ ⁻ a paper development workshop (PDW) was held in IUJ Tokyo Office on February 28th and mini conference was held on IUJ campus on March1st.

At PDW, 16 papers presented at IUJ Tokyo. Researchers from Europe, Africa and America, as well as Japan and other Asian countries came to IUJ to gather for learning and sharing. Professor Yingying Zhang Zhang took part in a parallel session.

The mini conference held on IUJ campus had a hundred of offline and online participants. One of the Keynote speaker was Yukio Takagaki, IUJ IR Class of 1898 and former JFMRA Vice President. Professor Yingying Zhang Zhang was a moderator for the panel discussion.

Scholars and students had a nice exchange and discussion on the challenges of Japan, Asia and the World on big issues such as undemocratization, globalization, and management contribution to economic development.



[PDW participating scholars]

Parallel session 1: (Professor Maoliang BU)

  1. Marc Idelson – Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane

“Sustainably shaping Learning Organizations to be VUCA-savvy: broadening organizational learning models to Yin-Yang logics”

  1. Tamiko Kasahara – University of Shizuoka

“Corporate philosophy as a linking mechanism between management practices and local employees’ behaviors at a foreign subsidiary: The case of Japanese MNCs in Thailand”

  1. He Geer – Hitotsubashi University

“Post-acquisition organizational changes of advanced market firms acquired by emerging market firms”

  1. Vikas Mehrotra,Rama Seth*,Ankit Singhal,S. R. Vishwanath – University of Alberta, Copenhagen Business School, KREA University

“Shiv Nadar University, Can Family Firms in Asian Markets Create Value through Divestitures?”


Parallel session 2: (Professor Han JIANG)

  1. Aureliu Sindila – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  1. Yingying Zhang Zhang*, Sylvia Rohlfer, Arup Varma – International University of Japan, CUNEF, Loyola University of Chicago

“Confronting Sustainability Challenges from a Strategic People Management View”

  1. Takahiro Morio – University of Tsukuba

“Is the Otaku-oriented promotion of Japanese video games appreciated globally?”

  1. Liu Shuning – University of Hong Kong

“Delegate to one or to many? The effect of disparate (versus even-handed) managerial delegation on task performance


Parallel session 3: (Professor Chinmay Pattnaik)

  1. Takashi Sakikawa – Chuo University

“The Connections Between National and Organizational Cultures and the Consequences of Organizational Culture: Evidence from the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Japan”

  1. Siti Norida Wahab, Oliver Roche and Albert Tan* – Universiti Teknologi MARA Asian Institute of Management

“Identifying Supply Chain Managerial Skills and Competencies Gaps during Pandemic”

  1. Zhen Liang*,Helen H. Zhao,Shuning Liu – University of Hong Kong

“Technology Brings People Together: An Integrative Conceptual Review of Human Resource Management Technology”


Parallel session 4: (Professor Norihiko Takeuchi)

  1. Takao Nomakuchi – Chuo University

“Why Toyota’s Chief Engineer Can Create Knowledge Based on the Middle-Up-and-Down Management”

  1. Yimin Zhang*,Tao Wang – Kyoto university


  1. Kenta Koyama – Tokyo Keizai University

“Is Psychological Safety sufficient for Employee Voice in Japanese Workplaces?”

  1. Ivar Padrón-Hernández – Hitotsubashi University

“No place like home: Expatriate reactions to the 2011 Tohoku disasters”


[AAOM/APJM Mini conference “Managing Challenges in the Asia Pacific”]


Introduction to challenges in Asia Pacific, Hiroshi KATO, IUJ Vice President

Keynote Speech (I)

Title: Asia pacific management: past achievements and future opportunities

Chinmay PATTNAIK, APJM Co- Editor-in-Chief

Keynote Speech (II)

Title: Circular Economy in Japan: A case of Saitama

Yukio TAKAGAKI, Former JFMRA Vice President

Panel Discussions

Title: Japan, Emerging Asian Economies, and the World


Maoliang BU, Nanjing University, China

Takahiro MORIO, Tsukuba University, Japan

Han JIANG, Tulane University, USA


Moderator: Yingying ZHANG ZHANG, IUJ, Japan


Closing remark speech:

Title: AAoM and research on Asia Pacific Management

Jane LU, President of Asia Academy of Management (AAoM)