IUJ Offers Special Presentation on FinTech to Rural Bankers form Indonesia

IUJ was happy to welcome 25 rural bankers from Indonesia to our campus. Led by IUJ graduates, the bankers spent a valuable 3 hours on campus. Dean Wenkai Li gave them overview about IUJ, emphasizing the business school. Then, the came the main event: A talk about Financial Technology by Dr. YuenLeng Chow, IUJ Associate Professor.

Dr. Chow gave them a lively and interactive overview about what FinTech is, and how it has changed and developed since 1866! She touched on how it really took off in the 1990s, and how it is quickly evolving today entering almost every aspect of our lives. Turning to specific cases involving FinTech applications from Japan, she also talked about how it can negatively and positively impact the banking industry, including in rural Indonesia. The guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy the discussion and interaction with Dr. Chow

After the lecture, 3 students from Indonesia introduced themselves, and the guests quizzed them on various aspects of their IUJ education and learning, with the students responding quickly and knowledgably.

After a quick Halal Obento lunch, the visitors explored the campus including the dormitories, before leaving with a big group of Indonesian students sending them off.

We thank the organizers of this trip, 3 IUJ graduates, for including IUJ in the itinerary.