IUJ held its 2018 New Students Welcome Day

On Friday September 28th, IUJ had the pleasure of officially introducing 175 new students to campus at the annual Welcome Day event. This year’s new faces come from a total of 39 countries, spanning the globe from Denmark to Djibouti, Afghanistan to Argentina, and everywhere in between.

IUJ President Hiroyuki Itami opened the ceremony, congratulating everyone on this new chapter of their lives. He spoke about his own time as a student at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and mentioned his excitement paired with some trepidation at studying in a new country. President Itami reassured the new students that they are in the best of hands here at IUJ, with everyone from the faculty to the support staff ready to help out in whatever way they can.

President Itami also spoke to the student body about what to expect from studying at IUJ. With students hailing from such a large number of countries and cultures, he noted that learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, but from cross cultural communication and daily interaction amongst peers. In addition, Itami mentioned that studying at IUJ presents the opportunity to learn about Japan, with many chances to engage various traditions and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Students also had a chance to hear from the Dean of International Relations, Noboru Yamaguchi, and the Dean of International Management, Wenkai Li. The Deans introduced the other faculty members that our students will be studying under, and their various areas of expertise.

After the formal speeches and introductions, students were given some time to mingle and take pictures – and there already appeared to be some fantastic friendships forming!

We wish our new students all the best for their time here at IUJ, and we hope that they find studying here both personally and professionally rewarding. We are proud to be the university where the world gathers and have no doubt that this year’s new faces will take what they learn here at IUJ and apply it globally.

We would also like to thank all of the sponsors and special guests who were with us on Welcome Day. From business leaders to heads of local community groups, IUJ is grateful for your ongoing support.