IUJ team competes with top business schools in Global MBA Challenge, Hong Kong

HKUST Global MBA Challenge 2018 is student managed competition for MBA students. The HKUST Global MBA Challenge is a unique platform that aims to bring together diverse groups of competitors representing the best global MBA programs for a two-day challenge solving three emerging Hong Kong and greater APAC enterprise real-time business cases while connecting with APAC business leaders. This year challenge saw teams coming from as far as the US, UK and even Japan to compete in the challenge. The 2018 challenge was made up of 14 teams of four members each. IUJ was represented by Team KOKUSAI which was made up of Aleksandra Khvan (Uzbek), Bennitta Senyatsi (South Aftrica), Parthasarathi Gopalaswamy (India), Do Thi Hien Thuong (Vietnam). The challenge was hosted from April 12th to 15th at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in Hong Kong.

On the first day of the challenge, Team KOKUSAI was grouped with CEIBS, Chulalongkorn and Bocconi teams for the flash case. Following that, for the negotiation case, the Team was paired with a team from the hosting university. This challenge, Team KOKUSAI effortlessly won it, and this awarded them the second place position among the competing teams. This was a great achievement and placed IUJ as the name among the top runners. Team KOKUSAI went further to impress the judges with their presentation style and synchronized teamwork. The creativity of their proposed solution for the strategy case was commended by one of the judges who is currently a consultant for Deloitte Hong Kong. The experience from having participated in prestigious competition such as GMC indicates the level of quality of the MBA that is being taught at IUJ. With such skills, an IUJ MBA clearly equips one to be able to take on practical and real life challenges. Team KOKUSAI has taken its step in putting the IUJ name among the top business schools.

Global MBA Challenge:

Gopalaswamy, Parthasarathi
Bennitta Senyatsi
Aleksandra Khvan
Do Thi Hien Thuong