8th Minamiuonuma Gourmet Marathon Race

The 8th Minami Uonuma Gourmet Marathon race was held on June 11 (Sun).
IUJ was the 7th Aid station of the half marathon race, students supported the water supply and many members of the IUJ community came out to cheer the runners who included IUJ’s some faculties, students and staffs.
Our all loud cheers awarded a prize of cheering contest this year again.


Comments from Students:

Ms. Andelyn Noza, Graduate School of International Relations, a runner
It was a great experience to join the 8th Gourmet Marathon 2017 in Minamiounuma City in Niigata.  As a foreign participant, I was able to witness how cheerful and supportive Japanese people in the whole stretch of the race.  Cheering from the people energized most of the runners including myself.  Also, the marathon was really organized that even I was exhausting after the race, I knew where to go to collect certificates, prize, and drinks.  Great job to the organizers and the participants who made this event a success!

Ms. Zelima Ademba, Graduate School of International Relations, an Aid volunteer
When I applied to be a volunteer for the marathon I did not expect to have as great an experience as I did.  The marathon was a new experience because not only were we able to interact with the community living around us who were participating in the marathon I was able to see the determination that people had to complete the run while having fun at the same time.  I was amazed to see athletes in beauty and the beast costumes and others run in suits,this can only be seen in Japan as I haven’t seen it in any other marathon before.  I also saw a lot of teamwork between old couples which also quite interesting.  Overall this was a good experience for me and I believe for other students and I thank IUJ for giving us this opportunity.


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