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A very successful IUJ Culti Fiesta 2017 was  held on Saturday, November 25 at the IUJ Gymnasium Hall.

The Culti Fiesta is an internal cultural event hosted by GSO-EC (The Graduate Student Organization Executive Committee) to promote camaraderie among IUJ students, their families, faculty and staff.  Some alumni also came to enjoy it together.  There were 20 exciting performance by a diverse group of performers from around the globe where students can find the entire world and their culture. IUJ Gym was filled with excitement.


The list of group performers:

1. Africa 11. Philippines
2. Cambodia 12. Thailand
3. Central Asia  13. Sri Lanka
4. India 14. Bangladesh
5. Indonesia 15. Mongolia
6. Japan 16. Vietnam
7. Laos 17. Arab team
8. Myanmar 18. Belly Dance club
9. Nepal 19. Music club
10. Pacific Islands 20. Afro-Rhythm Session


Pacific Islands

Arab countries

IUJ Graduate Students participated in Mid-Presentation for Uonuma Studies held at Kokusai Joho high School (KJ)

Mid-Presentation for Uonuma studies was held at Kokusai Joho Senior High School (KJ) which is only one high school in Niigata Prefecture designated as Super Global High School (SGH) on November 20th, 2017. From International University of Japan (IUJ), two graduate students participated in the presentation event to advise or guide high school students in their presentations.

In this presentation activity, 1st year KJ students made group presentations on topics of concerns, like agriculture, industry, environment, economics etc. IUJ students advised or guided high school students in terms of logic, objectivity and originality.

IUJ has been selected for the Top Global University Project by MEXT. It aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan. IUJ continues to lead the internationalization of Japanese society based on our tracking records and continuous improvement of current efforts. Collaboration with SGH is one of the efforts.



Office of Top Global University Project
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Radio New Zealand (November 26) / IUJ Alum, and current PhD candidate, Mr. Nicholas Chapman’s interview was broadcast

Radio New Zealand (November 26) /
IUJ Alum, and current PhD candidate, Mr. Nicholas Chapman’s interview was broadcast.

Radio New Zealand: