How to Apply

Application Items

Your completed admissions package must include the items listed below. All required items have to be received by IUJ on or before the application deadline. The Admission Committee will not review incomplete applications, including those with documents submitted as copies. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request all supporting documents early enough to meet the deadline.

Please download the Admission Guidelines for the updated instructions.

International applicants (Residents of countries other than Japan)

Domestic Applicants (Residents of Japan, regardless of nationality)

1. Completed Online Application 

2. Personal Statement and Research Interests

3. Pledge

4. Support Letters
 a) Two Recommendations
  b) Endorsement Letter from your employer (Special screening applicants only)

5. College Certificates

6. Application Fee of 30,000yen

7. Four Photographs

8. GMAT Score Report (except E-biz applicants)
Alternatively GRE score can be submitted. Alternatively the IUJ Administered Mate test may be applicable to some candidates. See the Admissions Guidelines for the detail.

9. TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC Score Report

10. Academic Research Experience (If applicable)

11. Certificate of Alien Registration/Resident’s card (required of Non-Japanese nationals only)



  • All applicants are required to submit their application documents in accordance with theadmissions schedule.
  • Applicants must send all the application materials, except for the original GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS/TOEIC score reports, altogether in one package by postal mail (registered mail is recommended) or a courier service. Only when circumstances require, official college certificates and/or recommendations may be sent directly to IUJ from the registrar and/or recommender.
  • The Admissions Committee will not evaluate any applications submitted or completed after the designated deadlines.
  • Any applications which remain incomplete as of the final application deadline will be eliminated from our records.
  • We will not return any application documents nor application fees once submitted.
  • Please do not send any documents /materials which are not required. -If you are using the online application system, please be sure to indicate your online application ID number on all envelopes and application documents that you send to IUJ.

Mailing Address:

Please send your application package to the following mailing address:

MBA Program, or
E-Business Management Program (please specify)
International University of Japan
777 Kokusai-cho , Minami Uonuma-shi
Niigata 949-7277 JAPAN

Contact Information:

Graduate School of International Management

Phone:025-779-1500 (from abroad:+81-25-779-1500)
FAX:025-779-1188 (from abroad:+81-25-779-1188)