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Startup x Regional Creation Forum

Global Communication Center (GLOCOM) and the Global IT Park Minamiuonuma Committee was held
Forums on the Regional Development by Start-up Clusters on March 16 at GLOCOM in Tokyo and
March 17 at the International University of Japan (IUJ).
This forum was to clarify the possibility and challenges of regional revitalization through accumulation of startup companies. Participants including guest speakers discussed about “strategies for attracting IT industry in Minamiuonuma City” in the forum.
Guest Speakers
Adam D Lindemann (CEO / Partner and CEO of Mind Fund Group)
Steve Rife (Independent Consultant)
Jay Rajasekera (Professor, International University of Japan)


Soichiro Takagi (Research Fellow, GLOCOM, International University of Japan)







IUJ’s programs are listed on the Best Masters Ranking 2017

The eduniversal survey recently published its Best Masters Ranking 2017, IUJ’s programs are listed as follows;

Graduate School of International Relations
-Public Management and Policy Analysis Program: 6th in Asia Top 200
-M.A. in Economics : 20th in Asia Top 200
-International Relations Program:  19th in Global Top 50

Graduate School of International Management
-MBA Program: 15th in Asia Top 200
-E-Business Management Program: 16th in Global Top 100

Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking is available at:


The Open Campus will be held on May 13

The Open Campus will be held on May 13.
You can look around campus and town, talk with students and meet faculty member(s) individually. In addition, there will be the International Festival by IUJ students from 2 pm to 6 pm (tentative).
Please join this special event and feel the IUJ EXPERIENCE!
Your friends and family are also welcome!

Open Campus Tentative Schedule
Date: May 13 (SAT)
Time: 11:00 – (15:00)

(We will pick you up at the ticket gate, Urasa Station at about 10:00 am.)
10:45- Lv. IUJ bus stop, East side of Urasa station*
10:55 Ar. IUJ
11:00- Explanation about IUJ
11:30- Lunch with Students
12:10- Campus Tour (Matsushita Library & Information Center, Student Dormitories, Gym, etc.)
13:15- Individual Q & A with Faculty & Staff members
(15:00) Enjoy International Festival
(18:00)- closed**18:20 Lv.IUJ

*If you will come by car, please come to IUJ Main Entrance by 10:50 am (not Urasa station).

**You can also enjoy International Festival until 6 pm.
The bus services between IUJ and Urasa station will be available.

Further Information about the schedule will be provided to prospective participants later.

To attend the Open Campus, please apply by Application Form May 8.

If you would like to stay overnight, we can reserve a room at a hotel near Urasa station for you.
(Please note that this event is for Residents of Japan or those who already have plans to come to Japan.) If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to seeing you on our beautiful campus soon!

Fumiko Hirasawa
Office of Admissions and Career Support (OACS)
International University of Japan (IUJ)
TEL: 81-(0)25-779-1104
FAX: 81-(0)25-779-1188

JR Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) Tentative Time table
(Revised on March 2017) for your information:
1.from Tokyo area
8:52 Lv. Tokyo St.  10:38 Ar. Urasa St.(Max TOKI 309)
17:59 Lv. Urasa St. 19:40 Ar. Tokyo St. (TOKI 338)
18:48 Lv. Urasa St. 20:12 Ar. Tokyo St. (Max TOKI 342)

2.from Niigata area
10:15 Lv.Niigata St. 10:53 Ar.Urasa St.(Max TOKI 316)
18:12 Lv.Urasa St.   18:48 Ar.Niigata St.(Max TOKI 333)
19:14 Lv.Urasa St.   19:51 Ar.Niigata St.(Max TOKI 337)