Digital Transformation Program Learning Goals

The Digital Transformation Program’s learning goals and associated learning objectives are described below.

Learning goal 2 (L2): Social Responsibility.
GSIM students will influence the activities of an individual or group in efforts towards making wise and socially responsible decisions.
L2-4 Ability to understand the implication of technologies to social responsibilities in the creation of social and business values.
Learning goal 3 (L3): Leadership.
Students will work with other people effectively and influence them toward achieving an organizational goal.
L3-3 Ability to take a strategic initiative and lead an organizational transformation.
Learning goal 7 (L7): Technology and Entrepreneurship Strategic Thinking.
Students of DTP will be able to apply the latest technology element to creating a new business or adding competitive value to an organization through digital transformation.
L7-1 Ability to understand the latest technology trend.
L7-2 Ability to employ suitable technology element to create a business or add competitive value to an organization.
L7-3 Ability to implement digital transformation while taking into account organizational and environmental implications.