Noboru Yamaguchi

JGDP Director

Director’s Message

IUJ launched a new master’s program called the “Japan-Global Development Program” in September 2018, in which future leaders will learn the universal logic of national development and corporate growth, using Japanese experiences from the past century as case materials.
Along with systematic courses on Japanese development, students can choose one of the following five concentration areas: “Foreign Policy,” “Economic Policy,” “Development Policy” and “Public Management”, all of which are offered by the Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR), and “Management”, offered by the Graduate School of International Management (GSIM). They will receive master’s degrees upon completion of the degree requirements for each concentration.

The logic and lessons from Japan’s experience will help future leaders from abroad when they have to think about their strategy for development back home. Thus, the logic behind Japan’s experience can be applied to global scenarios. That is why we call this program the Japan-Global Development Program. It is not intended as a program to train Japan specialists. We also welcome Japanese students who want to understand how and why Japan has developed as it has so that they can explain their country’s development logically when they go abroad.