Conceptual Frame for IUJ’s Future

The International University of Japan has developed what we call “IUJ’s Future Vision” as an image of the International University of Japan moving toward 2030.

A. IUJ’s Mission

1. Educating future global leaders

2. Educating leaders who can contribute to the development of various countries of the world as well as to their international cooperation

Basic concept for accomplishing the mission

1. Students can learn about the world and learn about Japan

2. Where the World Cooperates

3. University with a visible presence in Niigata and Minami-Uonuma

B. Ideals for the university to aim for

1.  Seek for quality and uniqueness in both educational content and student satisfaction

  • Education earning high student satisfaction
  • Enhancement of student exchange programs with leading overseas partner schools
  • Obtaining international certification
  • Providing continuing education for graduates

2. Taking very good care of students with high human touch, caplitalizing on IUJ’s small residential campus with on-campus dormitories

  • Careful and intense supervision of thesis and research papers by faculty members
  • Enhancing the student life support system

3. Seek to be a place with frequent events and where there are many opportunities for fun and stimulation in the community

  • A university that contributes to innovation in local industries
  • A university that is a center for promoting internationalization of the community
  • A university that is a base for cultural exchange and intellectual creation

4. Seek to be a place that promotes students’ growth

  • Accept diverse students from Japan and overseas
  • Introduce various entrance examination systems
  • Enhance the learning support system

5. University where students can learn about Japan and the world

  • Provide many Japan-related courses
  • Operate the Japan-Global Development Program (JGDP) in collaboration with JICA
  • Seek to be a base school of JICA Japan Understanding Program
  • Seek to be a base for human resources development on International cooperation

6. Professional education to respond to changes in global society

  • Educational content with a good balance between theory and practice
  • Advanced practical learning by front-line practitioner Faculty
  • Providing educational programs in collaboration with companies
  • Providing mid-career programs for international organizations and government employees

C. Immediate action to realize the concept

1. To improve the quality of education

  • Careful thesis guidance by faculty members
  • Ingenuity for high-level classes
  • Accepting “students with large potential for growth “
  • Continuous efforts to improve education by the University Curriculum Committee

2. To improve daily life in IUJ

  • Human touch support by office staff
  • Strengthening the organizational structure to improve student support

3. Aiming to be a university that blends into the local community

  • Encourage free action by soliciting initiatives for local cooperation
  • Promotion of collaborative projects with Minami Uonuma City
  • Promotion of multifaceted activities, such as the JICA Japan understanding program, which is in collaboration with companies in Niigata prefecture such as the Nagaoka and Tsubame-sanjo areas, class field trips, student internships, etc.

4. Improvement of appeal to society

  • Planning of new events such as an IUJ 40th anniversary event
  • Actions to increase Japanese students
  • Actions to strengthen cooperation with JICA and increase the number of international students through the alumni network.
  • Expansion of various non-degree programs such as the JICA Japan Understanding Program and JICA Thematic Mid-Career Program
  • Human resource allocation for public relations and fundraising