Research Compliance

It is the responsibility of the International University of Japan (IUJ) to facilitate and monitor university-wide compliance with these regulations and policies as well as ensuring ethical conduct in all areas of research. 


  1. International University of Japan Code of Conduct for Researchers
  2. IUJ Regulations for Proper Management of Research Fund
  3. IUJ Regulations for Whistle Blowing Procedures regarding Misconduct in Research (rev: 04/28/2016)
  4. IUJ Guidelines of Procurement Procedures for Equipment and Materials in Research
  5. IUJ Organization for Management of Research Fund
  6. IUJ Concept Figure of Regulations and Organization pursuant to MEXT Guidelines Regarding Management of Research Fund and Prevention of Misconduct
  7. International University of Japan Internal Audit Regulations
  8. Supplement to series of IUJ Regulations for Research Fund based on MEXT Guideline for Managing and Auditing Public Research Fund (added: 04/20/2016)


Contact Office for  Whistle Blowers

Office of Internal Audit (OIA)

International University of Japan

 TEL: (+81) 25-779-1483

FAX: (+81)25-779-4441

e-mail: (replace % with @ when emailing to OIA)

Organization for Management of Research Compliance