Faculty Profiles


Shinichi Hirose

Ph.D. in Management, Keio University, 2012
Courses: Organizational Behavior, Service Management, Human Resource and Global Talent Management

Hyunkoo Lee

Ph.D. in Accounting, Carnegie Mellon University, 1998
Courses: Financial Accounting, Practice in Financial Accounting, Financial Statement and Business Analysis, Managerial Accounting, Japanese Corporate Systems and Japanese Style Management and Their Impact on Development

Wenkai Li

Dean and Professor
Ph.D. in Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2004
Courses: Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Managing Products Development, Applied Statistics

Tsutomu Yokose

MBA, Keio University, 1994
Courses: Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation, Leadership Bootcamp, Negotiation Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Behavior

Zaw Zaw Aung

Associate Professor
Doctor of Engineering in Information Science, Nagaoka University of Technology, 2010
Courses: Digital Business Models, Digital Business Transformation, Database Design and Management Strategies, Mobile App for Business

Hongwei Chuang

Associate Professor
PhD in Finance, National Taiwan University, 2011
Courses: Risk Management

Alessandro Comai

Associate Professor
Ph.D., ESADE Business School, 2016
Courses: Marketing Management, Marketing Intelligence, Consumer Behavior & Digital Marketing, Global Strategic Marketing

Zhang Zhang Yingying

PhD. in Management Sciences, ESADE – Ramon Llull University,​ 2008​
Courses: ​International Management, Competing in Emerging Markets, Corporate Strategy, Chinese Management

Mohammed K. Ahmed

Specially Appointed Professor
Ph.D. in Linguistics (concentration in Applied Linguistics), University of Delaware, 1988
Courses: Cross-cultural Communication, Business Presentation

Takato Hiraki

Specially Appointed Professor
Ph.D. The University of Arizona, 1983
Courses: Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Debt Financing and Bond Markets

Hiroyuki Itami

President, International University of Japan
Specially Appointed Professor
Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1972

Toshiro Wakayama

Specially Appointed Professor
Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1989
Courses: Strategic Management, Innovation and New Business Creation

Visiting Faculty


Senior Advisor, Industrial Development and Public Policy Department, JICA

PhD of International Studies, The University of Tokyo

Fujimoto, Noriko

Principal of Fujimoto & Co.,

Ito, Haruyoshi

Associate Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University
Ph.D. in International Management, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, 2012
Ph.D. in Media and Governance, Keio University, 2012

Kikkawa, Takeo

Professor of Management,
Graduate School of Innovation Studies, Tokyo University of Science


Senior Advisor, Washington Research and Analysis, LLCEx – World Bank Officer 1970-1980
Ex – Principal Investment Officer IFC 1990-2000
Master of Regional Planning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1966

Hernan Riquelme

Professor, Gulf University for Science and Technology (Kuwait)

PhD; Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. UK

Joaquin Tena Millan

Associate Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

PhD; Busines and Economics, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.


Vice President and Professor, Tokyo International University
Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 1984


ChangeOut Consulting (Japan and USA) – Principal/President

SANO, Ayako

Founder/Director, International COYA,


John-Christopher Spender

Research Professor, Kozminski University, Warsaw

PhD; Corporate Strategy, Manchester Business School, UK.

Sugiyama, Koichi

President of Sugiyama Management Development Ltd. (SMD)

SUZUKI, Masachika

Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Sophia University
Ph.D., Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2008

YAMAZAKI, Yoshitaka

Professor, Department of Business Administration, Bunkyo University
Ph.D. of Organizational Behavior Case Western Reserve University 2004