About the Program

Digital Transformation Program trains future managers and entrepreneurs with particular strengths in the DX domain. Making truly impactful DX initiatives requires a broad and deep understanding of the technology trend and the organization. It must be clearly understood that DX is not just a matter of implementing novel digital solutions.

This program does not aim to train students to become IT specialists in any specialized subfields. We expect students to master the fundamental and long-lasting IT knowledge and principles. A degree in this program will certify you to be a professional who is equipped with essential panoply for DX.

Graduates are expected to retain the competency of capturing the latest technology trend by themselves to be ready to employ suitable technical elements of the day. They will ideally become an “orchestral conductor” for the DX projects. They will achieve the effective and successful implementation of DX and creation of competitive value for an organization.

Scholarship Information

Mock Lecture

To help introduce the program, IUJ conducted a Mock Lecture on Fin Tech. Please take a look this shortened video for your information.


GSIM Dean’s Message

Hyunkoo Lee, GSIM Dean