IUJ Research Institute

Research Fellows

  • Director
    Kumagai, Naoko
    Associate Professor of Graduate School of International Relations (Ph.D., Graduate Center of the City University of New York)
  • Full-Time Research Fellow
    Komano, Kinichi
    Appointed Professor of IUJ Research Institute (Ambassador to Afghanistan, 2002-2004, Ambassador to Iran, 2010-2012)

Graduate School of International Relations

Graduate School of International Management

    • Li, Wenkai, Professor (Ph.D., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
    • Liu, Ming, Professor (Ph.D., Binghamton University – State University of New York)
    • Wakayama, Toshiro, Specially Appointed Professor (Ph.D., Syracuse University)

Center for Language Education and Research

    • Crooks, Anthony P., Associate Professor, English Language Program (M. A. in TESOL, Deakin University)
    • Mondejar, Michael, Assistant Professor, English Language Program(M. A. in TESOL, Teachers College Columbia University)