Learning Goals and Objectives

Learning Goals for all GSIM Programs

Learning Goals Learning Objectives




L1: Multicultural Awareness

Our students will be capable of being sensitive and skillful in reaching the common objectives with people from various cultural backgrounds.

L1-1 (for 2yrMBA+IMBA): Demonstrate the sensitivity to different perspectives and opinions of those from different cultural backgrounds.

L1-2 (for 2yrMBA+IMBA): Develop a willingness and ability to identify and articulate common viewpoints among different and possibly conflicting opinions of those from different cultural backgrounds.

L1-3 (for 2yrMBA+IMBA): Acquire skills to communicate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds without relying on culturally idiosyncratic expressions.

L1-4 (only for E-Biz): Demonstrate the sensitivity to different perspectives and opinions of those from different cultural backgrounds and demonstrate ability to work effectively in diverse teams, including playing leadership roles.


L2: Social Responsibility

Our students will be able to influence the activities of an individual or group in efforts towards wise and socially responsible decisions.

L2-1 (for 2-year MBA & IMBA): Clearly identify the central problem/issue to demonstrate understanding of socially responsible leadership concepts and practices.

L2-2 (only for IMBA):  Outline strategies for socially responsible companies

L2-3 (for 2-year MBA & IMBA): Influence the attitudes and behaviors of others to accomplish a socially responsible goal.

L2-4 (only for E-Biz): Ability to understand social responsibilities and connect them in creating social and business values involving technologies

L3: Leadership

Students will be able to work with other people effectively and influence them toward achieving an organizational goal

L3-1 (for 2-year MBA & IMBA): Demonstrate understanding of leadership concepts and practices.

L3-2 (for 2-year MBA & IMBA):  Listen well and have empathy with other people

L3-3 (only for E-biz): Take a strategic initiative and lead the team to an organizational goal

L4: ProblemSolving

Our students will have the ability to analyze and understand the inputs in a situation, and analyze, assess and use information for the purpose of forming beliefs and choosing th emost appropriate solution

 Only for 2-year MBA

L4-1: Demonstrate ability to formulate/define issues;

L4-2: Demonstrate ability to analyze and compute;

L4-3: Demonstrate ability to interpret concepts and data;

L4-4: Demonstrate ability to evaluate and make choices among alternatives

L5: Functional Business Knowledge Our students from different background are able to learn fundamental business knowledge so as to become a successful business manager.

Only for 2-year MBA

L5-1: Demonstrate understanding of Management knowledge

L5-2: Demonstrate understanding of Financeknowledge

L5-3: Demonstrate understanding of IT/OM knowledge

L5-4: Demonstrate understanding of Marketing knowledge

L5-5: Demonstrate understanding of Accoutingknowledge


L6: Strategic Decision Making

Our students will have ability to assess diverse social and business contexts and make a strategic decision.

Only for IMBA

L6-1: Apply the concepts of strategic management, recognizing internal and external strategic contexts;

L6-2: Demonstrate ability to gather and interpret data;

L6-3: Demonstrate ability to make a strategic decision under pressure.

L7: Technology and Entrepreneurship Strategic Thinking Students of EBIZ will have the ability to think strategically using IT for enhancing organizational value and/or creating new enterprises.

Only forE-biz

L7-1: Apply the Internet and IT for creating social or business value;

L7-2: Learn to promote and market new ideas via technology media;

L7-3: Learn technology policies that would strategically govern social or business organizations.